Monday, October 30, 2006

I hope everyone had a nice weekend! Niel and I did our usual errand running, and cleaning. Niel decided we should reorganize our closet. It was brilliant really because the boxes I had purchased when we got married were too bulky and so we purchased smaller boxes and everything fit! It was nice to get that out of the way.
We also had a crappy weather. A Noreaster hit our area. It's basically a wimpy hurricane. So we didn't get to do the Halloweeny stuff this weekend. But Niel had another good idea for us to go to the beach. We of course didn't go to sunbathe but just to walk around and enjoy the break we got from the rain and to see how a storm affects the beach. It was still windy and chilly but we had on jackets. We spent an hour or two just walking around. It was amazing.
Sunday we went to my parents and stuffed outselves. My mom made a really good dinner:roast chicken with little red potatoes, mini meatloafs and whole wheat past with cream and parmesan, peas, carrots and shitakes with dill, salad, awesome hummus and flan.
Did anyone know that Meg Tilly has a child with Colin Firth? And that she is Canadian. Why do you ask I know this? I was contemplating watching either Return to Halloween Town on the Disney Channel or The Iniation of Sarah on the ABC Family. Jennifer starts in The Iniation of Sarah. I opted for the first movie, less scary. Did you know Jennifer is 48! She looks fantastic. Then I started to wonder what happend to Meg Tilly since Jennifer still works? That is how I know about Meg's son with Colin Firth. Anyway Meg retired back to Canada and now is an author.

Rachael Ray is set to open her own bbq joint in NYC.

And why do Tomkat have to share an anniversary with Niel and I? Blech.

We were watched some taped shows and saw that Amy Sedaris made a guest appearnce on My Name is Earl. She was really good. I'm curious about her latest book.
And why isn't anyone watching Studio 60? It's a really good show. So much better than that 30 Rock crap.

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Jessica said...

I love the beach. We are going in November actually the week of Thanksgiving.