Monday, October 02, 2006

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We did our usual weekendy stuff running errands on Saturday but also having some fun.

Friday afterwork Niel and I went to a little Belgian place near his office to celebrate Niel doing well at work. I am very proud of Niel. The food and service were great. They had actual waiters from Belgium. They played a nice variety of music. It had great ambiance. The food was very tasty but a bit rich. We're not used to that. I ordered a beef stew that had wine in the gravy and it came with a side of fries. Niel ordered the baked macaroni and cheese. Oh my gosh it was the best mac and cheese I ever tasted. They used blue cheese as the cheese and I didn't mind. I love cheese but not that particular kind. We ended up trading dishes heh heh. We never had Belgium or French food before. It was a nice experience.

Sunday my family celebrated my brother Jakop's 30th birthday. Time really does fly by fast. My mom made really good food as usual, and my dad bbq'd pork, ribs, tomatoes, pepper and eggplant. They served three different kinds of salads(a beet, carrot and walnut salad marinated in pomegranate juice), a Russian salad, regular salad(tomato, cucumber and lettuce), savory crepes( with ground meat, boiled eggs and herbs), veggie dip with raw veggies, baked mushroom with onions and mozzarella on top, and roast potatoes, for dessert she made coffee flan and Niel and I made a chocolate cake for my brother.

Amazon sent me a little emailing saying Rhino has released The Live Less Goth Box Set. Woo hoo is all I have to say about it. Which reminds me a few weeks ago my coworker Stephanie found a site that will give you your Goth name. So she was typing in our office mates names in and we were getting a good laugh out of it. Then when Shannon mentioned it was Talk Like A Pirate day a few weeks ago, Stephanie and I were typing in our Pirate Names. Heh heh.

Yet again the MTA in New York City is going to be cutting routes even though the cost of our metro card went up and they have a surplus. What the hell?!

I thought it would be interesting to share what the stickers on your fruit and vegetables mean. Click here to learn more.


Jesser said...

Sounds like a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

You always have fun weekends. Congrats to Neil for his good work and to your brother on his birthday!

Thanks for that fruit link. I'm going to look at the stickers right now.


Mike said...

Wow it's like the dewie decimal system of fruit. I had no idea it had that much info on it. I thought it was just on the fruit so the cashiers knew how much to charge for it.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks it was Jess.

Thanks Yvett. Glad to help.

So did I Mike.

Linda Rae said...

can i eat with your family!?? :)

foodiechickie said...

Come on over Linda.