Tuesday, October 10, 2006

For a while now I have been looking for Mars Bars. I remember I enjoyed them a lot back in the day. But to be honest I don't remember what they exactly tasted like. I just remember I wanted to find them again. Nostalgia I guess. I would look for them every time I would go to a supermarket or shop. Then Niel found out that Mars Bars are now called Snickers Almonds. He also found out in different parts of the world Mars Bars have different names and ingredients. They're entire blog posts online about the Mars company changing the Mars bar and rebranding it. The other day my coworker Stephanie brought in a few pieces of Snickers Almonds for me. Niel when he returned from camping brought back whole bag of Snickers Almonds miniatures for me as well. They are good even if I can't remember what Mars Bars tasted like fully.


laura said...

Interesting! Mars bars haven't ever disappeared from the shelves in Canada, but now they're peanut-free.

I was in a British import shop yesterday, and they had a completely differen type of Mars bar. I wish I'd bought one, now!

foodiechickie said...

Go back and get them the next time you're in the area. And all three supposedly taste different from one another. They just share a name. Perhaps get a Mars bar from the stores and compare? A reason to eat chocolate. Not that anyone needs to. Heh heh.