Friday, September 15, 2006

Week seven of Bloggy Parade of Homes brought to us by Shannon!! This week's theme is bonus rooms. As mentioned last week in addition to our bedroom we have two extra rooms. That's a lot of extra room for New York City. Heh Heh. Niel and I each took a room for ourselves and made them little offices. They each have an air conditioner and window. They're are the only two airconditioners that currently work. Although the five years we've been at this place neither of us have ever tried turning on the AC in the kitchen. We each also have a picture of Mark Twain in the rooms. We dig him. Warning there are a lot of photos. I don't know how many more BPH's are left. I won't be participating in next week's which I think is the final because I don't have a back yard.

Niel's "man room" is very much a reflection of him. It is primarily sports themed with the major team being the Mets. But he also has other collectibles from favorite movies, authors and shows. As well as books.

Our modems, photos, bobble heads of Dwight and Edgar Allan Poe

Poster that was at Niel's birthday that the guests signed and a Planet of The Apes Poster.

A dark photo of his window with the Met Lights

Niel's first article at our college paper, another Planet of the Apes poster but we think in Portuguese

One of his bookshelves holds our boardgames

His guitar next to his book case.

Mine is obviously a reflection of me. I have two shelves of books, plus a lot of cake, gift wrapping and craft supplies in there. As well as a few knick knacks here and there. Mine is the smallest of the rooms.

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Various little pics that make me smile and my writing supplies.

Mirror I really like

Tori Amos poster

My cat mousepad

Some of the stuffed animals

On top of one of my bookshelves. Mark Twain is in the background.

My bins of craft, and wrapping supplies.


Jesser said...

LOL. I love Neil's MANroom. It's very... err ... manly. hehe. You have a great craftroom too. I am getting such great ideas for my "when we build a house" file ... hehehe.

Shannon said...

OMG you have Ivan of Dig Ivan Dig! I love him so much but didn't know he came in stuffed form! We have the book. Must have stuffed Ivan! And we have a ton of those blue bins. I love those- you can't beat the price!

foodiechickie said...

I though that you did build your house Jess?

Niel brought Ivan Dig home one day Shannon.