Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The weather this past week was cold and wet. Luckily only Saturday was yucky and that was in the evening. I like the chill in the air makes me think that Autumn has come early but I don't like the dampness to much. Niel thinks once the hurricanes have gone then we'll go back to the heat.

Friday night Niel and I took his mom to Juniors to celebrate her birthday. Juniors is an institution in New York. It has the best cheesecakes ever. We ordered deli sandwiches and the wait staff surprised my mother in law with a birthday song. The services was great and the place is a real throw back to old timey restaurants. There was even a lady in the bathroom who gave you soap and a paper towel so you wouldn't have to do it yourself. Heh heh. A Junior's opened up a few blocks from my office but I heard it wasn't as good.

Saturday we drove into New Jersey to the Christmas Tree Shops and Bed Bath and Beyond to run some errands. We got a little hungry and went to the Westfield Mall which is right across from it. The mall looked so familiar to me but I couldn't put my finger on it. I did get to try a Beard Papa though. I had heard of it for a while now and finally got to try eat their fabulous cream puffs. God the cream was divine!They also have a double decker carousel ride. Pretty neat. We also roamed around the Borders they had inside and I got a copy of Donna Hay. She is an Australian cook I mentioned before. I love her magazine and its cheaper to buy it at the bookstore than subscribe. Wierd.

Sunday Niel went to hang out with some of his friends. I did somethings around the house and the grocery shopping. Afterwards Niel and I went to get some custard at Rita's. I tried their stuffed pizza pretzel. I was disappointed.

Monday I hung out with my friend Isabel. We ate at Cheburechnaya, an Eastern European restaurant in my old neighborhood and then did a little shopping. It was really good to see Isabel. The food was similar to what I grew up with but one of dishes they served was made totally different than my mom does it. It's called Monty. My mom makes the dumplings small and we eat it with broth and garlicky yogurt. She also uses chicken meat to stuff the dumplings. The restaurant served humongous dumplings and with lamb meat. It was tasty though. This bread I never eaten or heard of before called I believe Noni Toki. It was a cracker shaped like a large bowl and spiced with I believe like cardamom. Very good and affordable. In the evening we watched Roll and Bounce. It was a sweet and funny coming of age movie. I highly recommend it.

I totally forgot but August 18 was my three year blogaversary. Blogging has been a neat experience to meet mostly neat folks and learn all sorts of things.

Niel and I also watched the MTV music awards. It was awful. Niel is right we think it's crappier cause we've gotten older. The production value was never good, we just thought it was a cool show because we didn't know any better. The only two highlights for me was OK Go and The Raconteurs. Otherwise it was the same nominees over and over. I enjoyed the Emmy's much much better. Conan O'Brian was a great host. The part where the show memoralizes celebrities who passed on is so sad. The father from a Christmas Story(a favorite) and Jack Warden from Crazy Like A Fox both passed away. I used to watch a lot of mysteries as a kid. And Steve Irwin died in a freakish sting ray attack. Poor man was only 44.

I can't believe its already September. Having a hard time this year wrapping my head around the fall holidays which I normally love doing. Feel rushed somewhat even though I have been doing a bit of early Christmas shopping.


Jesser said...

Sounds like a nice weekend... real relaxing. I've heard of Juniors before. I'll have to add it to the growing list of places I want to see when I get back to NYC. Maybe we can even meet up there! heheheh :)

foodiechickie said...

That would be lovely Jess:) Definetly for the cheesecake I hope you get to try it.