Monday, September 25, 2006

Thursday night Niel picks me up after a long day. He also had a long day mind you. He was getting some food when I called him and aske him to pick me up at the bus stop. Which is twenty minutes from our house. He said he would be at the bus stop in no time to get me. Then I realized holy hell its Thursday night and the first episode of season 3 of The Office would be on and neither of us had remembered to tape it. So I call him up practically in tears asking him to turn around and go back home, not because Niel would be hungry but to tape the show. That's how much The Office has gotten under my skin. I totally forgot the show didn't start till 8:30. Well we made it home in time and I was nervous as hell about seeing it. I don't know why because once again the show didn't fail to make me laugh and also be a bit sad at the same time. Now the writers have made me feel bad for Roy though. Bastards.

Saturday Niel and I had breakfast at a diner we pass sometimes on the bus ride home. The diner is where parts of the movie Good Fellas was filmed. Niel was pretty psyched about that.
Afterwards we went to a Corn festival in New Jersey. I saw it advertised on the local morning news and it seemed fun. That was ok. There wasn't any pig racing like they promised but Niel did bump into some childhood friends of his. What a small world. They seemed liked really nice people. We did eat a lot of corn products of course, corn fritters and corn dogs. Afterwards we ran some errands and I got to finally try Baja Fresh. It was pretty good. Niel got to try the new Chili Burger at Dairy Queen. That was yummy too. We then came home and vegged out in front of the television. Pictures here.

Sunday Niel got a hair cut and we went to a street festival in his old neighborhood. I didn't take any photos cause we all know what a street festival looks like. Heh heh.

A few shows shows coming back to TV I am excited about Little People Big World(Oct 6), Drawn Together(Oct 5), Gilmore Girls(tomorrow night), Degrassi(Sept. 29) and Nigella Feasts premiering on the Food Network(Oct 1).


Jesser said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend! I know what you mean about the office though ... I didn't wanna feel sorry for Roy! Did you like corn fritters? We made some a while back and I LOVED them. Too bad they're fried. :P I'm *totally* looking forward to Degrassi and Nigella ... I really need to update the Tivo when I get home and make sure things are all set up!!

foodiechickie said...

I love corn fritters! Corn is one of my favorite foods! I never tried to make them though.

Mike said...

Yeah Im glad the new shows are starting back up. Fox started a lot of there shows early. Prison Break and House have been on for like a month already. ABC premiers Lost next week and there is a special about the first two season on this week. It's too bad you guys don't watch Lost. It's an amazing show.

Jessica said...

Sounds fun! Corn is good stuff :)
I'm excited about the Nigella show too. I really liked her show on the Style Network. (I think is was on that channel?)

Anonymous said...

I know!!!!! When Roy said he had to win Pam back I felt bad for him. Now I'm sad to not be working just so that I could put someone's office supplies in jello.

Ani, if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known it was already fall. hee, hee.


Lisanne said...

Hey there, Ani! :) I'm sorry that I haven't stopped by your blog in a while and left a comment. It would crash our laptop every time I would try, but I thought that I would take a chance this evening. So far, so good! :) Yay! Happy autumn to you!

foodiechickie said...

I've been reading up on Lost in Entertainment Weekly Mike so I think I can follow it in discussion.

Yep you are right Jessica The Style Network was where her originally show was:)

Yvett I thought Fall was a few days earlier. I had to double check the calender. Heh Heh.

Not a problem Lisanne I think it was the big summer banner. And for some reason the capitals corrected itself?