Wednesday, September 13, 2006

As I mentioned a few times before I love pita bread. And I looooooove pita chips. Plain or flavored. Especially savory. I usually buy Stacey's because that is the only brand I know of. But the other day I found Polis Pita Chips. I brought the Greek flavored. It has lots of Oregano, which I adore. It also comes in plain, pesto and cinnamon. I'd like to try the pesto too. If it's flavored I like to eat it without any dip, but if its plain I dip it in hummus.


Jesser said...

I am feeling a trip to the grocery store coming on ... I also have a major craving for snickers ... with almonds. I'm almost to the point where I'd kill for one... hmmm... what does that say about me?

foodiechickie said...

LOL. That you are woman with good taste.