Friday, August 25, 2006

Week four of Bloggy Parade of Homes 2006. And its all about our kitchens. Below of course is what our kitchen looks like. To the left is our kitty keychain hook, fridge, sink, counter top, more cabinets, stove top and next to it our stove. I like that I don't have to bend down to take things out of the oven. I hope our next place has the same feature. In addition to a dish washer and washer/dryer. To the right is a little cabinet with Mickey handles, a rack with our cook books, spices, cookie jar(although we don't have any cookies in, phone books, plants, more spices, and on the bottom our beverage stash. Next to that is a table with our microwave and mixer underneath is more kitchen equipment and the very back of the kitchen is the window, garbage can and radiator which I put some decorations back there too. We do have an airconditioner in there but never used it. I guess its one of the kitchens in the boroughs that is large. Besides our old apartment in Manhattan which had a pretty big kitchen for average apartments in Manhattan go, the only other large kitchen I have seen is my friend Jennifer's.

The kitty key chain. You see it to your left when you walk in. We purchased it at the Mark Twain House in Connecticut. The sunflower glass hangy thing is made of recycled car lights. We brought at one of our many visits to Disney at the Canada Pavillion.

Our fridge also to the left. As you can tell we like magnets. Most of them are the places we've been together.

On top of our fridge. Our wine rack. From Ikea. And little tea cups from Chinatown.

We have a little bar above of our sink. The sink is right next to our fridge. So of course I have to cover every bit of extra space. LOL.

To the right in the kitchen are these wooden spoons I found. Next to it is a calendar.

Our Mickey cabinet as I call it. Also decorated with a cook book, little cute cabinet I found, sign about coffee, and a bottle decoration. Next to it as a metal cart that holds our garlic, potatoes, onions, etc.

The back of the kitchen next to the window is our oven, range top, radiator. Our protective gloves, measuring page and little plaque my mom gave us.

On top of the radiator was a table top setting I took. The colored glasses I brought from Michaels.

And our metallic garbage can.


Jesser said...

It's a very cute kitchen ... and you're right ... so spacious for an apartment. Our apartment you were lucky if you could get two people working in it! I like your cucina sign too. I was thinking this morning I wanted something with Kuechen on it (German for kitchen) in mine ... maybe when I finally get to Germany. ;)

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jess! That would be neat to get a sign from Germany. I found mine at Marshall's. Maybe you can find one on some German home sites? Good luck!

Connie said...

Lovin' that cucina sign too...and the nesting doll. Very cute!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Connie!