Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So are you wondering what is the difference between Greek yogurt and European and American yogurt? American yogurt comes in two different yet very similar varieties, Natural yogurt and Natural bio live yogurt. Both come in whole milk, and fat free varieties. The taste is milder and more watery in texture. I usually like to cook with it when making Indian dishes or need fruit mixed in. I also make a cucumber, garlic and dill sauce with it. Similar to Tzatziki(a Greek sauce).

But Greek yogurt is a lot more flavorful and thicker. I enjoy eating it plain because it has a really nice flavor on its own. Similar to sour cream. To learn more about either click here.

Also if you are curious about the history of yogurt in general read this. Did you know Armenians first introduced yogurt to America? Did ya? Well Columbo Yogurt is not an Italian company but Armenians. Columbosian is the actual name. They decided to drop the sian on the cups and also make their yogurt to fit American palates better.

So enjoy some yogurt. Whatever kind you like!

Song Stuck In My Head: "Children of the Sea" by Dio

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