Monday, July 24, 2006

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Even with the crazy thunderstorms, and the loss of electricity that is affecting parts of New York we still had a good weekend. A laid back one but nice. We did our usual cleaning, laundry(does it ever end?), but also went to two farmers markets. In awe of the farmers markets I've seen out west promoted on the Food Network, Niel and I decided to go after I read about the two on Williamsburger blog in Brooklyn. The Union Square Farmer's Market in downtown Manhattan is as equally incredible and available four days a week, but during the work week I have trouble running down there sometimes. We went prior to noon as the Williamsburger advised and as any good market purveyor does. I like the idea of farmers market. Supporting local farmers and getting fresh organice produce. Afterwards we had a nice brunch at a new diner in Niel's mother's neighborhood recommended by Dave and Holly. The food was really good at affordable prices and such large portions! After our meal we saw Clerks II(funny). I loved Clerks and I was happy Kevin Smith made a follow up. It was funny movie to say the least and the music was great. Kevin Smith's wife and daughter were in the film too. I can't believe there were only seven women in the theater though and about 20 guys. We also finally watched both seasons of The Office BBC thanks to Dave & Holly. I liked season one better and I loved episode two of the Christmas special. I must say Ricky Gervais has a fantastic singing voice! I have to brag about the hubby. Niel on his day off without me even having to ask did things around the house that needed to be done. He replaced the Brita filters, repaired our computer, took our cans and bottles to be recycled, brought new pitchers so we have more cold water waiting for us in the fridge, and made a little bed for us in the spare bedroom where we have air conditioning so we can sleep better.

Niel reading a German to English translation book he found

Pinky piggy planter

Large cuke!


Purple pepper plant

Gyro platter

Our bounty


Jesser said...

Weekends are simply too short and over too fast. Glad it was a good one at least ... le *sigh* ... next weekend is the first one in a *LONG* time that we don't have beaucoup plans AND are in-town. Yay!

Mike said...

how long were you guys without electricity?

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun. I'd like to go back to our state's farmers market. They have a restaurant that serves fried NC shrimp and fish. Tasty!

foodiechickie said...

I totally agree Jess. Hope you have nice plans for this weekend.

We are fine Mike people in some parts of Queens are without electricy for eight days.

Mmmm fried seafood sounds good Jessica.

Shannon said...

LOVE the summer banner- that's one of those pics I sent you a while back right? And I love all the food pics- so pretty!

foodiechickie said...

Yes it is thank you very much again. I mentioned you sent it to me a few posts down.