Thursday, June 22, 2006

American Cities That Best Fit You::
60% Austin
60% Seattle
55% Atlanta
55% Denver
55% Honolulu


Yvett said...

65% New York City
60% Boston
55% Chicago
50% Los Angeles
50% Philadelphia

According to this, I should live close to you, Ani!

Jessica said...

60% Miami
50% Austin
50% Honolulu
50% LA
50% NYC

Oooh- Hawaii :)

laura said...

I got:

55% New York City

55% San Francisco

50% Boston

50% Chicago

50% Honolulu

which surprises me because I always figured that I'd like Seattle or Portland. I guess I shouldn't have said that I liked museums and theatre!

Linda Rae said...

This is what I got:
75% Washington, DC
65% Philadelphia
60% Atlanta
60% Chicago
55% New York City
Very interesting. I once did a very detailed version and got Baltimore, MD. :)

Jesser said...

80% Denver
70% Portland
65% Austin
65% Seattle
60% San Diego

Luv my city!! :)

foodiechickie said...

That would be cool Yvett.

Nice and sunny cities Jessica. Well maybe not NYC. Atleast not always.

I never thought I would get Austin, Denver or Honolulu Laura.

Baltimore is a nice city Linda Rae. Have you been?

Wow number one on your list Jess!