Wednesday, May 17, 2006

While grocery shopping at my local fruit and veg stand I noticed pretty colored beans in their shell. They were greenish white with red dots. The sign said they were cranberry beans.

Cranberry beans are native to Northern Italy but can be found in the US as well. They are available fresh from Summer to Fall and have a creamy texture but nutty flavor. If you do find any, cook it a little longer then the recipe suggests. Unfortunetly the lovely red color will fade and become completely white during cooking.




Lisanne said...

Those are sure funky lookin', LOL! :) Will have to try them sometime if our store carries them. Darn, I thought that maybe they would taste like cranberries slightly ~ I thought that you'd found a new Thanksgiving side-dish tradition! hehe :)

Jesser said...

Ooh... those are cool. Wish the red didn't fade... would be a great xmas side dish. ;)

Amanda said...

Those are wild looking!