Monday, May 08, 2006

The weekend was a nice one. Now that it is Spring it feels like the work day is so much longer than my weekend day. I was able to finally get into the Trader Joes Friday afternoon on Union Square. I hadn't been able to since its grand opening a few months ago. I have learned mid day is the best time. Friday night Niel and I had dinner with my brother and Christine at an Indian restaurant in the East Village called Taj Mahal. The food was good and there was a two man band sitting on tables. One was playing the sitar and the other some type of flute type instrument. After a brief stop at Starbucks we went home. I cut my nails since I had broken one and got advice from a few different people that I should start from scratch. I think next time I may just deal with looking silly with one broken nail. I like having long nails. Although the length I cut them is not bad. Ok enough talk about that.

Saturday we went over to help some more with their apartment. My dad went over as well. They got the main room painted much faster. While my brother, dad and my brother's landlord were at Home Depot, Niel, Christine and I moved around items from the main room to the living room. Moving is a lot of work I do not envy them. Or the day we will have to do it. We went home mid afternoon and recuperated before heading out for some ice cream and a nice walk when I found an inexpensive copy of The Complete Works of the Brothers Grimm. I was wearing a Grumpy sweatshirt I brought from Disney. It had a picture of Grumpy on the back and the words Grumpy on the front. I got two compliments about it. Never thought I would.

Sunday Niel did the laundry while I cleaned and both made a quick run to the supermarket. Came home and watched some shows we saved and watched Fox and HBO the rest of the evening. Yes I know exciting stuff:) Last night I had a sad dream about Jam. The Office is breaking my heart.

Got a neat cook book from Lisanne full of breakfast recipes. The book has a lot of neat ideas for morning meals. Thank you again Lisanne.

I like limes for drinks such as Limeaid and Mojitos but not so much in meals(unless Asian) but I don't enjoy lemonade but I do like lemons in meals and desserts. Another wacky food fact for you.

Because I am impatient I find it annoying when on the remote the quickest forward button isn't used.

Why can't pet owners actually take care of their pets? They aren't some object that can stand in the corner. I find these people as much at fault as the dogs.

I don't particularly enjoy eating Yoplait yogurt but I do so anyway so I can send in the tops to help raise money for Breast Cancer research.

Jessica told me that Wilton is now on TV(not in my area) but their website also has good tips.

Craving: Longer weekends.


Jesser said...

I swear... next time I move, I'm getting someone to pack the place up for me and move everything. No more DIY on moving... I don't care how much it costs. ;)

foodiechickie said...

Sounds tempting.

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I wish someone would eat Indian food with me! Todd won't go with me :(

foodiechickie said...

Niel doesn't like Indian food much either. He enjoys the Jasmin rice, the breads and their mixed bbq meat platter but I like the curries more. Maybe you can get Todd to try the BBQ platters? Good luck.

Lisanne said...

I can't *believe* that it took you that long to receive your book! Geez, LOL! :) So sorry about that. Glad you're enjoying it!

foodiechickie said...

I am just glad it arrived!