Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! It sort of felt longer than the three days off because Thursday and Friday a couple of coworkers and I went out for a birthday lunch for one of them. The food was better at the second place but more importantly the company was fun.

Saturday Niel and Kelvin(who was in town) hung out a bit in the morning, then Jennifer, Renzo and their adorable daughter Gabriella came over for lunch. She was dressed in a cute Mets dress. We had a nice time catching up and visiting. They brought over lovely pink minature roses and a black and white cake and cookies. The theme was funny. Gabriella is so smart and funny!! We were thinking of ways to keep her busy so we gave her some crayons and paper. We hung up the two pictures she drew on our fridge. They're good people as Niel said. After their visit we went to the park. We've been going to the park more now that most of our shows are off the air. Then we went to check out the new mall again because Jennifer mentioned more stores had opened up.

Sunday we ran some errands, scored very well on some clothes(one piece each it worked out only but still really good deals) and inexpensive but quality charcoal for our families. And in the evening Niel and I went to visit my parents.

Monday we went over to Niel's brothers house. Erin, Kelvin, Shawnda and Anthony were also there. Niel wanted to bbq so he Kelvin and Mike worked it out. Everyone brought something. We brought some meat. Kelvin and Shawnda brought some ices from Louie G's a local icey shop. I ate the rainbow flavored and promptly got a blue tongue. It was so hot this weekend though. Thank goodness our current car has air conditioning. It was so hot poor Kelvin's head was steaming. He kept applying ice to it. Our latest Netflix movie Munich came in. It was a good movie but way too long. We also watched War of The Worlds which we had taped on cable. That was a long film too. It was scary how some people react in crisis. All in all a good weekend.


Jesser said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. I love the long ones ... we've got another one in not too long! :)

foodiechickie said...

I think three day weekends should be law:)

Hannah said...

Our shows are off the air too, so I have suggested that we get out more and get some fresh air too! Besids, walking would help some of this baby weight come off!

We also belong to Netflix and just received Munich. I was worried about the length too, and now after reading your comment, I am thinking we need to divide it up into a couple nights!

Jessica said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I agree that we should always have three day weekends too :)