Thursday, May 04, 2006

The best part of having the ability to take pictures on my cell phone is I don't miss an opportunity to share some of the wacky things Niel and I see on our commute to and from work. Of course the quality is not as good as it is with an actual camera but it is one less thing to carry, I don't have to worry about breaking our camera, and I can email the pics to myself and load them quicker than with my camera.
Witness the wacky below.

There was some promotion going on and there was a lady dressed as a strawberry and a guy in a banana suit.

There is a lady in our neighborhood who is in her sixties I guess who dresses very rock n roll. Spiked gray hair and high heeled shoes.

A little boy dressed as a Telly Tubby


Jesser said...

Cameraphones are marvelous, eh? I loved the one on my old fone... the one on my new fone, not so much. :P

Around Christmas, I saw a santa on a Red Moped... I just missed capturing him. :) Cool pix... thanks for sharing.

foodiechickie said...

Glad you liked them. I hope the camera will be better soon on your new phone. Sometimes I have trouble taking a picture quick enough too.