Monday, February 20, 2006

The weekend was good although it went by a bit too quickly. I am at work today. Presidents Day is considered a floating holiday in my office. We can choose to come in and take the day off on another day. Friday night I did a bit of cleaning then fell asleep early, Saturday we ran errands and then went to a birthday party for one of Niel's aunts on his father's side. She turned 85! She is a sweet lady. The food was really good at the catering hall they chose and we found parking which is unusual in Brooklyn. Niel got to see some of his extended family members and commented he had a nice time. Sunday we went to look for a new winter coat for me again. I've been looking with no luck. I know I am a bit late since Spring items are in stores already but I did get lucky. Niel suggested one more spot after searching for a couple of hours and we found my new coat at 85% off because it was reduced from the sale rate online, at my new favorite store Fashion Bug! I normally am an Old Navy girl but lately the sales and cute items I have been finding at Fashion Bug have persuaded me to shop there. The coat is pretty and warm. The old coat I had for about three years and was just worn out. We then went home and watched the two new Netflix movies that came in the mail. And Indian movie called Dus and The Transporter 2. When I was little my mom and I would watch Asian soap operas from India, Japan, Korea, etc. She worked during the week and so the weekends we would watch the only soap operas on TV and they were the international ones. So one Saturday a few months ago I was channel surfing and found and Indian music video channel and Niel looked up from whatever he was doing at the moment when the video Dus came on. We were so transfixed with this video that every now and then we break out into this wacky version of the song. So Niel found that the video was made for the movie Dus and he put it on our Netflix queue. Anyway the movie was really really good. Of course we saw it with subtitles. Dus is action packed, with a bit of romance, a very good plot and some funny/cheesy scenes and one scene with singing. As the case with most Bollywood films singing is always mandatory. I highly recommend the film. The Transporter 2 was good also. Entertaining but had the same plot as Transporter one. Tough guy with a heart of gold saving a little kid from the bad guys.
I forgot to mention Valentine's. Although it is hip not to like Valentine's Day, the greeting cards companies have such a hold over me that we do celebrate it. After work Niel and I met at the bus stop where he gave me lovely tulips. Then we got off at the stop for the Japanese restaurant in our neighborhood and enjoyed a tasty meal of Miso soup, a shared salad, both came with the combo, Shumai, Gyoza, shared a Sushi& Sashimi combo for one, and chicken cutlet Domburi. After a nice walk home to relieve our expanded bellies we exchanged gifts. Here are my lovely presents plus this cupcake and cookie stencils and here are my gifts to Niel, minus a shirt I got him which is in the laundry. Heh heh. I also got a splendid Valentines package from the sweet Jessica. I am grateful! We also finally purchased a car. It is a Honda Civic. We named him Max and are enjoying it greatly. I hope we can keep him running well, clean and damage/scuff free. I am happy we finally purchased a new car. Tine to tighten our belts even more. This dealership was so much nicer than the last place. But I am very sad to say good bye to our old car Duke. We had him almost a decade and have plenty of good memories with him.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Island In The Sun" by Weezer

Craving: An unsore bum

Stupid Story of The Week: The Wolf Guards The Hen House


Jessica said...

Beautiful tulips! That's a great bargain for your coat.

foodiechickie said...

Thank you:)

Lisanne said...

Ani, did you ever figure out why your blog is displaying in all caps? Or did you set it to do that?

Sounds like you guys had a great V-Day! Congratulations on your new car ... Jeff has a Honda Civic, and they are good and reliable! We call his the "Silver Samurai." :D I like your new coat ... I've been wanting to get a new one, too! I love my SIL's ~ she got hers from J.C. Penney, and I need to search and see if I can find it.

Linda Rae said...

that is soo great about the car, i am really that all is well for you!

foodiechickie said...

Hey Lisanne. Apparently it is only caps on PC's? I have no clue why. Thanks for the good wishes on the car and coat. I like that Silver Samurai. I wanted more dressy but I like this and I have a bit of a dressy older one that I hardly wore if necessray. I looked everywhere and luckily found one:)

Thanks LR!