Monday, January 02, 2006

The holiday weekend was good. It's always good to be home and not at work. The three-day weekends trick me into believing that I won't have to go back to work. Like some vain miracle will happen and I won the lottery. I imagine I am puttering away at my keyboard all day writing. I would get in breaks to clean, make food, or watch some television. Maybe sometimes even pop out to see a movie, or go shopping. But that is just a fantasy. Don't get me wrong I am happy I have a steady long term job and I hope it stays that way but if it weren't for my coworkers who I see more during the week than I do my hubby I would be dead. It's just hard to come back to work is my long winded point. I guess those are the feelings of most folks though. Anyway on to the weekend. Spent New Year's Eve at my mother in laws. We watched mostly the Dick Clark special. And my God does he look frail. Strokes are so merciless. Thankfully Ryan Seacrest (I can't believe I typed that) did most of the hosting as did local anchorperson and Niel's celebrity crush Marisol Castro. Who I believe is pregnant. Sometimes they would show the LA celebration with Hillary Duff who would perform some song in her squeaky voice or ramble on while looking skeletal. Eat girl eat!!!! It's ok to eat. And no I don't say that because I would be happy if all the ladies in the world had a bit of extra lumps like I do. That twit Fergie has no idea what she is singing about. She has NO lumps! Before we trekked over to my mother in laws we spent Saturday in New Jersey. Specifically in Paramus where the most wonderful place out side of Disney World exists. The Christmas Tree Shop. It is my new favorite discount-shopping haven. There is one in Spring Valley, New York. But we have no idea where that is. So we went to Jersey. I didn't even go to the Ikea or the Bed Bath and Beyond that was adjacent. All my energies were spent on The Christmas Tree Shop. I found some stuff I couldn't anywhere else and started on my gift shopping. It is never too early. I am trying to convince Niel to take me back there this weekend too. Next we went to Campmor next because Niel wanted to find a Neoprene hat and boots. Afterwards we dined at Red Lobster. We hadn't been there in a while. They're getting stingy on the garlicky cheesy bread. It's the only reason I go really. Ok the seafood is pretty good too but come on the bread is a slice of heaven! It is worth the trip alone. I then napped before heading over to my MIL's for some fried pork, garlicky shrimp and a very alcoholy tasting non alcoholic beverage. Sunday Niel joined the Polar Bears for his second year of jumping into the waters of Coney Island. It was a very enjoyable environment. Niel was excited and happy. There was a band. Families. Dogs. Food. It was a good time. After we came home Niel napped and I did some housework. In the evening Kelvin and Shawnda who were in town came over with Niel's brother. We watched Anchorman. Side note that movie has been circulating with some others for months in our house. I can practically recite the film line by line. I could do an off Broadway show about it. We had a good time by torturing Niel's brother and having him drink a bit of the left over holiday flavors of Jones Soda. Mike didn't like the soda either. It is basically fizzy bile! We then watched Myth Busters. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv that show. Adam and Jamie are very funny. Today we went to the Museum of Natural History to see their new dinosaur exhibit. It was disappointing. We felt robbed. We drowned our sorrow with burgers at Uncle Nick's on West 71st Street. Mmmm Uncle Nick's the jewel of the Upper West Side and some discount shopping at Barnes and Noble. The evening was spent yelling at Fox because they cancelled Arrested Development. We also joined Netflix. For so long I resisted because of different reasons but now with a new gadget in our house. It's a good and cost effective idea. Two new blogs I am enjoying lately Not So Virtual Homestead(I want to live on a farm too), Robyn(I love her way with words) and a blog who I've read for a while now my Gifty/bloggy friend Enid has a new home. Check them out. I also was inspired to craft. I did some knitting, and scrapbooked(three albums). I hope I can keep it up. I felt a bit blaah in 2005. And even with all the rain, a wee bit of drama with my tummy, I still had an urge for some creative release in early 2006. So hopefully I can put some stuff(I will work on some more this week) up for sale on my site. Please also check out the January edition of All Things Girl. As always it's great. Pictures here.

Song Stuck In My Head: The theme song to Welcome Back Kotter.


Mike said...

Fergie has lumps and humps in all the right places ;-). But I heard she has a bladder control problem. So that's a little bit of a turn off.

If you want to see someone who knows how to ear, have you seen Mariah Carey lately ;-).

I think everyone feels thats way after a holiday or long weekend. I wasnt very excited to go work this morning either.

foodiechickie said...

Ok now I feel bad for Fergie.

I always thought MC was a little curvy never lumpy though. Her figure reminds me of Marily Monroe's.

Jessica said...

Happy New Year Ani! Sounds like you had a big weekend. We layed low and just hung out. Luke and I missed the new year.

foodiechickie said...

Happy New Year too Jessica. Sounds fine to me!