Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Monday all. Yeah right. Monday the most hated work day. The weekend was good. Ran errands on Saturday then came home and watched two movies from Netflix. Niel luuuuuuves Netflix. We watched the remake of The Dukes of Hazard. Better than I thought it would be. Not Oscar worthy but not bad either. And Kicking and Screaming. Why is everything that comes out of Will Farrell's mouth hysterical? The week before we watched Murder Ball. Really good movie. And Family Guy: Live in Las Vegas. What a rip off. It was just a 17 minute documentary about a making of some video. At this rate we'll never to go see a movie in the theaters again. Which I'm not sure is such a bad thing.

Sunday we cleaned and put away our Christmas decorations. I hate that part. There is so much to put away. Then we played darts for a while. Darts is fun. It's Niel's new favorite game. I then went to a baby shower with my mother in law. Niel did the laundry and watched some more foot ball while setting up his mom's new stereo. After I came home we fell asleep watching Family Guy.

I accidentally made good rice. I brought a box of Jasmin rice which didn't taste Jasminy at all. I put the allotted 1 and 3/4 cup of water it that was instructed and let that come to a boil. But instead of putting in a cup of rice I dumped the entire box of rice. I panicked and added 4 to 5 more cups of water. I lost count really. In 15 minutes I had nice and fluffy rice. Bahahahahahaha. I can't even make good rice when I try but here I go and mess up and the rice turned out fine. We had a lot of rice though. Heh heh.

Niel has been very handy lately. He fixed our leaky shower and put a Brita filter on our faucet. Just wanted to give props to where it was due!

A few TV shows I happy about coming back, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs and the Barkers(they're baaaaaaaaack). New Shows that I am very interested in: Roller Girls and The Book of Daniel. Two shows I am somewhat curious about Love Monkey and Courting Alex. One show I am so not curious about is Emily's Reasons Why Not.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Calling All Angels" by Train(blech)


Jesser said...

Glad it was a nice weekend!!! I'm looking forward to TV coming back too! :)

Mike said...

Yeah, Netflix is great. We hardly go to the movies anymore either. Not worth the hastle. GLad you liked Kicking and Screaming, it was one of the movies I added to the recommeded list for you guys.

niel said...

You were not lying when you said it was very Ditka-centric!

Mike said...

How funny was it when Will Ferrell called Ditka "juice box" :-). "You're my assistant coach, now shut up and get me a juice box!"

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jess. My name is Ani and I am a TV addict. LOL.

It looked funny when it was in the theaters but we never got around to seeing it so it was good you reminded us.

And that was one of the funniest scenes in the movie.

Shannon said...

I'm so with you about Netflix. Now when we see a preview we just put it in our queue instead of making plans to go out to see it. And I'm curious about Love Monkey too. Mainly cause I love Ed. Or, the guy who played Ed. Whatever his name is. And I'm so glad Scrubs is back- and still funny!

justJENN said...

Little kids in Mexico drink coffee.

foodiechickie said...

My husband has been looking at the new DVD releases on Amazon that we want to see and adding them Shannon.

Yes they do Jenn.