Monday, December 19, 2005

This weekend began celebrating Niel's birthday early. His actualy birthday is Wednesday. The Squilky's were in town to celebrate and early Christmas with Mr. Squilky's family and we spent Saturday with them to celebrate Niel's birthday. I had asked Niel what he wanted to do this year and he said that he had a good time last year in New Roc City Go Carting and we should do the same thing this year. So we picked them up and arrived at New Rock quickly. We paid for three rounds of Go Carting. It was a lot of fun. After the first round we played some glow in the dark mini golf. That was fun too. The place played some upbeat music. And I think an entire Black Eyed Peas album. Which is fine cause I like peas. I think Niel and I both got a hole in one. Mike won. Then we had lunch at Apple Bees. Luckily were seated near a table with pictures of the Mets and surprised Niel with a serenading waiters. After lunch we went back for our second round of Go Carting. Then went to Modell's and did a little shopping. We again got lucky and found a luggage set on sale from $80 to $20. Then we went back finished our Go Carting, where Rachel spun Niel around for cutting her off all three rounds. I was snapping away and driving really slow. It was funny and luckily no one got hurt. We played some video games and called it a day. Then on the way home our luck changed. The car kept stalling and stopping. We made it to Queens without a problem because there was not much stopping. I was joking around to try to relieve Niel's stress. But he chose to relieve it by cursing and banging on the car. Understandlably it was a frustrating situation. Once we hit Queens Boulevard and got stuck in traffic the car broke down. The three of us got out while Rachel steered and pushed the car to Burger King. We felt badly that we couldn't get Mike and Rachel back in time to his family's house for dinner. Mike's brother in law picked them up and I called my parents who were near by to come over in case they had to drive us home. The car problem was very simple. It was out of oil. So Niel walked over to the gas station while I stood by the car and waited for my parents. It is odd because Niel took the car in last week to be fixed for another problem and the mechanic did not tell him he needed oil. The car started up again and ran fine and we got home. But this incident has lit a fire that we need a newer car fast. My parents went home and later in the evening we went to their house for another early birthday celebration for Niel. My mom served two salads(Boston lettuce and green onion with vinaigrette dressing), two appetizers(mushroom Kibbeh, and feta turnovers), Chicken cutlets, brown rice with sauted button mushrooms, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Another tasty dinner. Niel was doing a lot better at this point. Sunday I continued my holiday baking by making short bread, Double Chocolate chip cookies, and Sugar Cookies. Niel helped prepare the Peppermint Bark by crushing some candy canes. I am making the Peppermint bark tonight and some more short bread. The sweets are being given out to coworkers and nearby friends. Pictures here.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Christmas In Hollis" by Run DMC


Mike said...

Glad you guys had fun as well. We had a blast. We were talking about the go karts on the drive back to Virginia last night. Enjoyed your company, and spending time with you guys. We got back in time for dinner, so no worries. Glad the car is running ok again. Hopefully Niel can stop by my moms this week and pick up your gifts. Thanks for all the cool presents.

The pictures in the mini golf came out better than I thought they would. It was so dark in there, I didnt think the pics would come out.

foodiechickie said...

Glad to hear you guys had a good time as well, and dinner was not ruined and you got back home safely. You are very welcome for the gifts. Thankfully the night mode made on the camera made the pics come out clearer. Still a bit fuzzy though. We'll email them to you later today.

Jesser said...

Happy birthday to Niel!! Sounds like it was a great one, other than that car thing ... it's lucky you didn't need to replace your engine. One of the guys I work with took his truck in to be serviced and they didn't put on the cap, and no oil was in the truck and it killed his engine.

PS, I got your Christmas card. It was so lovely ... and the chocolates. Hehe ... mmm... chocolate. Thanks for both!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Jess. You are very welcome. And thank you for your card! Niel and I were admiring the cards with photos and thinking we should start doing that. This little adventure is making us consider a car ASAP.