Friday, October 14, 2005

These are one of the mornings I wish that I stayed home. First it's three days later and still raining. Everything that could have gone wrong at work did. Blech. Things could be worse. Things always could be worse.

But the first Supper Club meeting went well. We met in a restaurant to get to know one another a bit. Everyone seems nice and interesting. We are meeting in November to start cooking a Fall themed meal.

Before meeting the other Supper Club members I watched Just Like Heaven. I enjoyed it immensely. It was acted, written and just done very well. I recommend it.

The N is now showing old DeGrassi episodes. It's neat to go back in time for a little while and revisit Joey, Snake, Spike and the rest of the gang in the beginning. I had a crush on Snake.

Two reality shows that are coming up. The first is Tuckerville on TLC. It's about country music star Tanya Tucker. The second is Run's House on MTV. That show is about legendary Reverand Run from RUN DMC fame and his family.

I think I may end up seeing Elizabethtown. The commercials seem interesting. A few more films that were not on my list but I want to see are: Squid, Thumbsucker, The Weatherman, The Family Stone, and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

And now here is the Friday Five. It's about food. Hee hee! Have a great weekend all.

1] Which snack foods do you enjoy the most? Do you prefer salty or
sweet snacks [or both]? It depends what I am in the mood for really. Mostly it is salt though. I love cheese a lot and can snack on that with grapes. But only if I drink ALOT of water otherwise the cheese can bind my tummy.

2] Do you tend to snack most often during a particular time of day,
such as mid-morning or late at night? At night because I am too busy during the day, or if I am home and don't have anything planned.

3] Have you been craving any snacks in particular lately? Like what? Lately it has been salty fish. What can I say I am a strange foodie.

4] Would you rather snack on chocolate or candy? [In other words, are
you a chocolate or a candy person?]I do like both so I can't really choose.

5] Do you crave any snacks that others might think are strange? Like
what? Did you invent this snack yourself, and how did it come about? Well I did just say I love salty fish like herring, sardines and anchovies. Oooh also I am craving Cup A Noodles lately too. And sometimes I will get into a mood where I just want to eat one particular food.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Boyfriend" by Ashlee Simpson


laura said...

Hee hee - old skool Degrassi :) I hope I'm not the only one who wonders what ever happened to Stephanie K (Kay?) ...

foodiechickie said...

Me too!! Do you watch the new ones?

Jesser said...

I sooooo know what you mean about staying home. It was like that for me on Mon when it had been raining/snowing/sleeting for over 24 hours straight. Today, though, it's a beautiful fall day and I am having a very good day.

I'll have to look out for old school degrassi. I tried to watch some of the Jr. High ones off Netflix and almost puked at the cheesiness. I'm assuming the high school ones are better ...

foodiechickie said...

Aaach snow!!! That is so worse. Pretty but worse.

When I first saw the new ones I had the same reaction though. Then I got hooked. They are both pretty cheesy honestly, but I am addicted. Addicted I say.

Amanda said...

Oh man Degrassi High rules! I haven't watched that in forever, hmm might have to find some shows! Hope you are having an awesome weekend Ani!

foodiechickie said...

It rules! You also Amanda! Thanks!!