Monday, October 03, 2005

Niel and I laid low this weekend. Niel is still fighting his cold so we stayed home, so he could get better. I cleaned a bit, rearranged some of my files, worked on the new website some more and watched some television. Caught up on shows and movies we DVR'd, and rented the newly released Stewie Griffin-The Untold Story. Now that is a funny movie. I can't figure out who is my favorite Stewie or Brian. But why do I have to choose? We also saw The Bourne Supremacy. The plot was riveting but the acting was so, so. I don't know what I was expecting from an action flick though. I really liked seeing Steve Carrell on SNL, but I didn't think they let his true funnyiness shine. I also didn't realize that Maya Rudolph is pregnant. I did a little research on her at IMDB and found out some interesting info about her. Check it out. I'm also enjoyng the October 7 issue Entertainment Weekly a lot. And not just because it has Orlando Bloom on the cover. Ok he's sharing the cover with Kirsten Dunst. But here at foodiechickie we don't like Ms. Dunst too much. I'm contimplating whether or not to see Elizabethtown because it has her starring in it also. That is the reason why I did not see Wimbeldon. However Elizabethtown also has Paula Deen in it and two good's will outweigh the bad (constant presence of Ms. Dunst in the film). Anyway I'm enjoying the issue because it has a story about Wallace and Grommit. I love those clay figures. A little interview with Mayim Bialik. Yes I watched Blossom. She is going to get her Phd in neuroscience and is about to have her first baby. An article about Phillip Seymour Hoffman who is the star in a movie about Truman Capote. PSH is a great actor. Never forgot him in The Big Lebowski although his role was minor. A nice little article about Nathan Fillion. I remember him from the tv show Two Guys, and a Girl. And of course Firefly and Serenity. He's a cutie. A nice article about Franz Ferdinand and a blip about other musicians from Glasgow. Ahh The Jesus and Mary Chain. And apparently Linda Perry is trying to release an album that was shelved. Remember Linda Perry, she used to front 4 Non Blondes. My favorite though was Paul Weller suggesting Twelve Cd's You've Got to Get by Any Means Necessary! Paul Weller!!
The October-November edition of All Things Girl is out. The theme is about Boys and Men. It's another great issue. So please take a look at the Review section It's my first issue as the Reviews editor. I am excited about it. Plus I have a piece in Around The World and On A Girl's Mind. I hope to get more articles from other folks (besides me) about movies, books, television and music. So if you are interested in writing for the Reviews section please submit here. And of course you can submit articles to the other wonderful sections. I'm looking forward to wrestling tonight. WWE is going back to the USA network and it will be a three hour show with wrestlers of the past. Woo hoo. And I know you have been waiting to see the pics from D.C. Yahoo wouldn't let me have that many pictures in one folder, so I had to create two. Click here and here if you are interested.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Jolene" by The White Stripes


Jesser said...

Interesting ... I was wondering whatever happened to Blossom. Hehe. I used to kinda like that show.

I am actually a big fan of Kirsten Dunst. I think she's a pretty good actress. Loved her in Wimbeldon and in esp. in Mona Lisa Smile and Spiderman films. I liked her in a couple uber-shallow teen flix too. But there are definitely actors I dislike ... and I don't really know why. Among my least favorites: Helen Hunt, Hillary Swank, Russel Crowe, some other dude who always plays really disgusting characters whose name I can't remember now.

Mike said...

Thanks for posting the pics. I'm working on getting a CD together for you guys with the pics I took while you were visiting. I'll ship it out to you guys one of these days...

I was reading your post and had a brain fart there for a sec. I read where you wrote that Maya Rudolph was pregnant, and for some reason I kept thinking of Maya Angelou. And I was God, she must be 80 years old, how is this even possible. :-)

Jessica said...

I used to watch Blossom sometimes too! I didn't know that she was pregnant either. Cute! That was the first SNL episode I had watched in a while. I ususally fall asleep in the middle :)

foodiechickie said...

Jess I don't know why I dislike KD. But the other actors you mentioned I don't like them much either.

No problem Mike. Did you get the email with the pics I sent? That is so funny about Maya Angelou.

Jessica I usually fall asleep with SNL and most late night shows also. LOL.