Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I love Indian food. It was one of my many favorites. So I was pretty happy to find Ashoka Foods. It is all vegetarian. And works the same way the boil a bag of rice did. You just add the foil to a boiling pot of water and depending on your taste(I purchased the peas and potatoes) in minutes you have Indian food at your home. While that was cooking I made some brown Jasmin rice to go with it. I tend to like spicy Indian food so I added more spices too my quickie Indian concoction. I think the makers sell it a little bland as they don't know the spice and heat toleration of consumers. The company sells a variety of different flavors to choose from. A nice quick meal.

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Song Stuck In My Head: "Hanging Tough" by New Kids On The Block


Mike said...

I like the new banner. It would look even better with your foot in the shot. J/K ;-)

Damn you for the song stuck in your head, because now it's stuck in my head too. OH OH OH OH OHHHHH, HANGING TOUGH!!!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks. I contimplated taking a shot of my manicured toes but I thought that since I did that all Summer it was a bit wacky. Sorry about that LOL.I actually blame Laura. :)

curlygirl said...

I've never had Indian food, but have always wanted to try.

Oh, by the way I love the new look.

Jessica said...

Hanging Tough was our High School's Homecoming theme! How did you do the banner. I can't seem to figure it out.

niel said...

Ugghh the New Kids ... I told you never to mention them espeically as I was kicked out of the group right before the album came out ... I was "the chubby one".

foodiechickie said...

Oh I hope you like it Irah! I would go with mild for your first time. The Tandoori meats are good as is the rice for first time. Unless you like spicy then dive right in. Let me know if you ever try. Good luck!

Really Jessica? I forget for high school but junior high was Whitney Houston's song about children. I will email to let you know how. :)

Oh Niel you are my favorite New Kid and they were so wrong not to pick you:) LOL.

Laura said...

Hmm Indian food, I've never had it but it seems pretty easy. I like to cook the easy but good meals. Ill have to look into this one!

foodiechickie said...

It's good! I guess like any cuisine there are easy dishes and hard dishes. This is just a faster version. The only Indian recipes I have tried at home from scratch are the Tandoori chicken and Jasmin rice.