Monday, September 19, 2005

Why am I always surprised when Monday happens? It was a nice weekend none the less. Hope everyone had a good weekend too. Much of it was dedicated to cleaning, errand running and laundry. It's nice when two people are doing chores though. They get done faster. Managed to have some fun. I wrote and crafted some. Went on a decaf coffee run and browsed Barnes and Nobel. I also cooked a lot. No crock pot cooking this weekend. I made pork chops with Mac and Cheese, cheesy omelets, puffed apple pancakes brownies, and an apple crisp. I also baked Austrian Jam cookies, which are essentially thumb print cookies. They came out quite good. We brought those over to my parents when we visited. Niel liked them a lot. And tonight we're going to have a fish stew I cooked yesterday prior going to my parents for dinner. We also caught up on TV. I was happy to have Best Week Ever come back. It's pretty funny!! Did anyone see the Food Network special about Cooking Groups? I am thinking of joining or starting one. I signed up on the Cooking Light website. I enjoy blogging alot but you guys don't leave near me enough. I need to find some more people to hang out with Niel and I. Why don't you people live near me? Lol. And the second special on the Food Network were kitchens of the future. Man I so did not see that one. Now I want to buy all the gadgets. And tonight Arrested Development third season premiers. Yes!!

Song Stuck In My Head: "What's Up" 4 None Blondes


Jesser said...

Sounds like you had the same sort of weekend as I did. Can't believe you made all that stuff in one weekend ... serious chef you are indeed. Did u see the skillet apple tart from Everyday Food this month? I soooo wanna make it and hubby loves that sorta thing, so I think I will.

Happy day even tho it's Monday.

foodiechickie said...

Noooo. I have to check that out. Mine is in a skillet to and gets cooked on the stove then the oven. It's in my recipe section. Happy Day to you too!

curlygirl said...

Love Arrested Development!!!! I got to watch most of the shows over the summer...I never know what a GREAT show it is.

foodiechickie said...

Yay another viewer! Glad you liked it. Hope they get more viewers!

Jessica said...

I caught the last half of the kitchens of the future show.

I spent my weekend at work :(
But a three day weekend is on its way!

Have a good one!

foodiechickie said...

Dont' worry Jessica I am sure they will show the Kitchen Show again! And yay for three day weekends!