Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My second experience with a lemon flavored drink was disappointing also. Niel and I were picking up a pizza after a late night at work, when I spotted a cute bottle in the juice section of the pizzeria. And read the label about it being a lemon flavored drink. I forgot the name but got a picture. After returning home and having a sip, I decided it tasted like the stuff one has to drink when constipated. You know the medicine that comes in a green bottle. Trust me I've had a lot of experience with drinking that stuff. The taste was too similar. I haven't given up on finding a lemon drink I like though. Fuzzy picture below.

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Pictures from the weekend here.

If you get a chance please check out my husband's new blog The Podfather. He started it with his friends. It's a music review site.

Song Stuck In My Head: "La Bamba" by Ritchie Valens


Jesser said...

Have you ever tried this?

It's sparkling lemonade and I lurve it lots. It's not so ... sweet, but a nice lemony (non pledge) flavor. Don't think they have Cost Plus World Markets in NYC, but I'm sure they've got this lemonade stuff somewhere.

Hubby is a HUGE fan of lemon stuff. We've even got a whole cookbook dedicated to the lemon. Tried to find it on Amazon, but no dice.

Mike said...

You guys got new couches?

foodiechickie said...

No I haven't. But the bottle is pretty. I've heard of the World Market from some of the other blogs, but the closest one to me is the D.C. area. I'll try to go sometime when I am down there. Thanks.

I wish Mike. They're just couch covers. For a bit of a change.

Lisanne said...

I'll know not to try that stuff ... thanks for the warning! LOL! :) Hey, I make my own sparkling lemonade. I can give you the recipe sometime!

foodiechickie said...

Very cool. Thanks!

Amanda said...

Yuck, I know not to ever taste that.

foodiechickie said...

Yeah it was pretty yucky.