Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday could not have come sooner and on top of being Friday its also a three day holiday weekend! Yippee!

Time for the Friday Five. Per usual new one on top and old one after that. Have a great weekend!

1] Summer technically ends on September 22 (the autumnal equinox).
But when do *you* consider summer "over"? Is it when the kids go back
to school? When Labor Day arrives? When it's September? When your
summer vacation ends? When your weather starts turning cooler? When I see the back to school supplies.

2] Have you enjoyed Summer 2005? Why/why not? Is there anything that
you would have liked to do but didn't? What was a highlight of your
summer? Yes it has been a nice Summer. Although the weather was gross. I got to travel, do fun things with Niel, try yummy foods, go to some ball games and go berry picking.

3] Do you have any plans for Labor Day weekend? What about your
September calendar ... what do you have going on this month? See family and friends for the Labor Day weekend and hopefully take a trip.

4] If you could make summer last forever (in other words, it would be
the only season you'd experience for the rest of your life), would
you do it? Why/why not? It's too hot. I prefer Fall.

5] What do you like most about fall? What are your favorite autumn
foods and treats? The chill in the air. I get to wear a light jacket or cozy sweater. The decorations. Yummy pies and the great smells in the air.

1) What's the best restaurant that you've *ever* been to? Think about
customer service, atmosphere, food presentation, taste of the food,
decor, location, etc. How about the *worst* restaurant? Why was it so
bad? There really has been too many to pick from.

2) Imagine that you order something at a restaurant but discover that
you *totally* dislike the food after tasting it. Do you complain to
the server and send it back, requesting something else? Or do you
just keep quiet about it, not eat it, and continue with the rest of
your meal? I would keep quiet.

3) Do you prefer eating outside, in a restaurant's outdoor seating
area? Or would you rather eat your meal inside? Why? Depends on the weather.

4) Are there any new restaurants in your area [or elsewhere] that
you've been dying to try? Do you enjoy dining out, or would you
typically rather eat at home? There have been a few, but it depends on the budget for that particular week.

5) You and a friend go out to eat for lunch. Do you split the bill
between the two of you, or do you offer to pay for everything if
you're the one who invited your friend? Would you say that you're a
pretty good tipper? Do you know people who aren't? I would split it and I'm a pretty good tipper.

Song Stuck In My Head: "Aida" by Sarah McLauchlan


Jessica said...

Hooray for three days! I'm layin' low this weekend and perhaps doing some baking...

Hannah said...

Happy Labor Day Ani. Enjoy your 3 days! :-)

LadyGypsy said...

Yay for the 3-day weekend! Happy Labor Day to you and Niel! Where are you getting the new Friday Five questions from?

foodiechickie said...

Enjoy your baking Jessica!

You too Hannah!

To you and Thor also. I signed up at the Friday Forum website. It's a Yahoo board. You can find in through