Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Lately I have been obsessed with cheese burgers, the color blue (oddly enough though have been purchasing and receiving a lot of lavender), listening to the same songs over and over again, patterns with lines and polka dots. Sometimes I go through times of repetitiveness (is that a word?) and it comforts me. I don't know why I need comforting now. Things are going pretty well for Niel and I. There are of course things that could make life better for us. But hey I could be wishing for those things till I am blue or lavender in the face.

Anyway every chance I get I eat a cheese burger. Which is funny because I prefer a veggie burger or a portabello burger. I have been having crazy cravings for cheese burgers for months now. No I am not in the family way and no I probably will not be for a while and yes I do know how old I am. Maybe my body needs the iron? I usually bring lunch with me, but I have been indulging myself whenever I can with a burger when I don't brown bag. Based on cheese burger quest, I've decided that Burger King, Nathan's and Checkers make the best burgers. And McDonald's and Checkers have the best fries. Who do you think makes the best burgers and fries?

I also have been staring at the sandals at Old Navy and Payless with my mouth half gaped open with a bit of drool coming down the left side. I have been specifically coveting the slippers with blue lines or polka dots. The cute shapes make me happy.

The songs I have been listening to over and over again are below. I have added more songs than what I originally had on the Ipod, but all I seem to want to listen to is the following:

"Bigger Than My Body" by John Meyer

"Only You" by Yaz

"Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service

"Synthesizer" by Electric Six

I think I'll eventually tire of the burgers, cute shapes and those songs. And move on to something else. What are you grooving on right now?

Song Stuck In My Head: "Club Foot" by Kaspian


Mike said...

Funny you posted about hamburgers, because I've been on a hamburger kick myself for about a month now. As far as the best burgers, there is a place down here called 5 Guys Burgers that makes AWESOME burgers. Each burger has two patties of meat on it, and you can get it topped with fried onions which I love!!! They just opened a Cheeseburger in Paradise near my house about a week ago. It's been so busy there that we haven't attempted to dine there yet, but they are supposed to have awesome burgers too. They have little mini burgers which are supposed to rival White Castle burgers. I miss those little White Castle burgers since I left Queens. Occasionally I buy the frozen ones, but they don't taste the same as the ones you get at an actual White Castle. There is also a chain down here called Red Robin (Niel has eaten there), and they have pretty awesome burgers too. They are very wet and heavy burgers. Lots of catchup and mayo. And they put this house blend of seasoning on the table which tastes great on fries. It's a mix of like onion powder, paprika, and a bunch of other spices. Fuddruckers also has good burgers, but I feel funny spending $10 on a burger and fries, so I dont eat there very often. I recently started putting pickle relish on my hamburgers. Really tasty, and adds some nice crunch. Glad to see there is another burger conoseur out there :-)

foodiechickie said...

Really you too? Huh glad I am not the only one. We have to try those burger places the next time Niel and I visit. I think I have been to a Red Robin the last time I was in California. They were neat. I bet you try to fill up on White Castle when you are up here. Niel likes pickles on his burgers too.

Mike said...

Yeah Niel mentioned coming down to see a Nationals game, so we'll have to chow down on some burgers when you visit. And we will have a real bed for you guys to sleep on this time. No more air matress. :-)

foodiechickie said...

You know the airmattress was pretty decent. Just get me a pillow;) But let us know when things settle down for you a bit. Don't want to pounce on you. We can stay at a m/hotel. LOL.

Jessica said...

i like the burgers from this place called cook out. they taste like the ones you make at home. they also have yummy milkshakes.

foodiechickie said...

Ooooh sounds good too.

Leslie said...

Maybe your body is craving iron like you mentioned. Or more protein?

I usually don't eat meat, but when my iron levels dip, I do crave the stuff!!! ;)

foodiechickie said...

Yeah you are most likely right. Thanks for letting me know I am not the only one:)

alexis said...

I used to love Yaz growing up! I'm going to have to go find that song.

We used to love Red Robin, but they went out of business here. They were great because you got free refills n fries. LOL Like anyone needs that! My hubby loved getting the Red Robin burger that came with a fried egg on it. Talk about a heart attack waiting to happen!

foodiechickie said...

I'm glad you like the song also:)

Now I have to try to get to a Red Robin in California when I'm there. But I really want to try In and Out Burger and Sonic too. LOL.

Jessica said...

sonic has tator tots!
"hey Ani, gimme some of yer tots!"

foodiechickie said...

Tator tots RULE!! I do love tator tots. So cute and yummy!