Friday, May 13, 2005

I was happy to receive the Friday Five questions this week more than usual because I had been thinking about similar topics since I turned 30. I guess Lisanne has been also since she has a big birthday coming up in September. Then I found the 101 challenge in 1001 days. And I really want to accomplish my own 101 things. I am compiling my list at the moment. Because if not now when? Anyway here are the questions. Play along if you like and have a good weekend! It will be a soggy one in NYC. A busy baby Sunday for us; because I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday with my mother in law. After the baby shower Niel and I will be visiting with Anna and Harry so we can meet their little boy.

1) What haven't you done yet in your life that you'd really like to do
someday? Why? Gosh many many things. I like to travel more, have children, own a home, publish some books, continue having a successful marriage. The list is long so I will stop here. Will you do any of those things in the near future? I am going to try real hard to. Are you making progress toward them? Yes and no.

2) If you could completely start your life over from scratch, what
would you do differently the second time around (if anything)? Why? Many many things. To name a few I would have finished school sooner. Not gone into debt.

3) What do you think you'll be like when you're 70, 80, 90, possibly
even 100 years old? Well I don't know if I will make it to 90 or 100, but if I do I hope to be still be mentally strong and be able to move around physically some what. Where do you think you'll be living, and what activities do you think you'll enjoy? Hopefully be able to grow old with Niel, live some place nice and warm. But not too humid. And have kids and grandkids that want to visit us. I would go the movies more. Travel a lot! Knit and do other crafts. Read more. Play board games. Be more leisurely than I am now.

4) What ages do you think have been the best for you so far? Why? From high school till now. I got a bit more freedom when I entered high school. And now is so very good. My husband is my best friend. He always makes me laugh and is very sweet. We have fun together. What do you think of your current age ... are you enjoying it? I feel more of an urgency to accomplish my goals. So I am taking some actions to do so. Things that I stupidly did not in my 20's. I am trying to enjoy getting older. Are you looking forward to your next birthday? Yes.

5) What do you feel is most important in life? Health, family, surrounding yourself with good people, have a steady paycheck and some savings. Without health one cannot accomplish any goals they set for themselves.

Word Stuck in My Head: "Nee" by the Knights of Nee from Monty Python and the Holy Grail/Spamalot.


Jesser said...

I like this 101 things idea. It's really fun. I might have to join you.

Hannah said...

I am still going to e-mail you the recipe for the shrimp pad thai, but I can't remember which sauce I used (one brand is really better than the others) so when I go shopping on Sunday to get more, I'll check the brand and e-mail you the recipe! :-)

Shannon said...

Ah, the debt thing. If I could do over I'd skip the whole debt thing too. Good choice.

foodiechickie said...

Good luck with your list Jess!

Thanks Hannah when you get to it. I just want to find a good recipe. I've had bad luck making Pad Thai at home. Any help is appreciated it.

I was so uneducated about money in college Shannon.

Mike said...

Things like credit cards are one of the things they really need to start educating students on. Usually with any degree you get you're required to take at least one or two accounting classes, they should focus more on real life finances. More and more students get into trouble during their college years. They should offer courses on obtaining a car loan/lease, how mortgages work, setting up monthly budgets and real word financial planning. Lucky for Rachel and I, we had some guidance from her parents and my sister regarding the whole home buying process, but not everyone is that lucky.

foodiechickie said...

I agree about the classes. What I mean is getting rid of those people who park themselves outside of the schools and offer credit cards to students. And stupid students apply for one and of course get one, or two or so on. I think we're pretty educated(well at least I hope so with the whole car/house buying thing). And saving now. But cause of those bad mistakes in the past my credit is a bit shoddy. Bah.

Damn you spammers!

Mike said...

Yeah I suspect colleges probably get money or gifts from the various credit card companies they let on campus. They lure people in by offering them water bottles or t-shirts and like you said, before you know it, you're credit cards are maxed out.

And as far as the whole home/car buying process, not to scare you, but I thought I knew a lot about it too. Then when I actually bought a house, I found out how little I actually knew. Luckily my loan officer is a real sweetheart and broke the numbers down for us so we could understand it a little easier. Im pretty "challenged" when it comes to math, so it was like she was talking another language when she started spitting out all these numbers. In all the finance/accounting classes, I don't recall learning about real world stuff that could help the average American. It's great to learn how to keep the books for a company, but it's not something a lot of people use after college.

When it came to buying a house, I didnt know what it meant to be prequalified, what it meant to have an escrow account, what points on a loan means. But I guess when you're in college, buying a house seems like something only old, grown up people do :-)

foodiechickie said...

I meant we know people who have purchased a house and have books/cars. So we can always ask them information.

Mike said...

Ahhh ok, cool.