Friday, May 20, 2005

As you know Niel and I saw Star Wars last night. Niel was right to ask me to get onto the ticket holders line early. It was getting long and the very first person on line was a guy dressed as Darth Vader. I wish I had my camera with me. The movie was good!! I was so happy. The film really tied all the other movies together. It was so heart wrenching to see Anakin really suffer in this one and yet so cool when he became Darth Vader. Lucas gave humanity to Darth Vader. In the three original movies he was this evil one dimensional figure and in 1,2, and 3 we see that all Vader really was is human. All six movies are all about him and his transformation from a confused, sweet, little boy, to this easily persuaded, hopeless yet at times hopeful man. Niel pointed out that the inside of the ships looked more like the ships from 4,5 and 6 which I think also helped tie in with the films for 4, 5 and 6. I cried a few times while watching it(when Anakin is about to kill the "younglings", when Padame is giving birth and the final transformation of Vader happening simutaniously, and when the twins are separated). I found the Star Wars movies, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, the first Matrix and a bit of Hitchhikers Guide to be reflections of societal ills. George Lucas really saved the best movie for last in this current series. It's sad that there will be no more Star Wars but happy that it ended so well done.

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I am asking my bloggy friends to please be on the look out for the below Star War Toys from Burger King. The toys I am looking for are have an orange dot next to them and there is another picture below it, which for some reason that figure is not included in the first picture, is also one I want. They sell them individually for 99 cents at Burger King, so you don't need to get a meal, unless you happen to be hungry and want to. If you can find any for me and mail them I will totally reimburse you and will appreciate it.

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In other news, I have a cold. Blech. I started sneezing a lot on Tuesday and Wednesday morning I woke up nauseous. Throughout Wednesday I was still sneezing and was stuffy. Then my throat started to feel scratchy. I am popping vitamin c like they are peanut M & M's.

Now that my camera is acting somewhat properly again I can post the pic of the lovely bag I received from the lovely Leslie a little bit ago for my birthday. I love it when special occasions are extended. Hee Hee. The bag is so springy and cheery. Thanks again Leslie. I love it!

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Onto the Friday Five. Fitting since it's Star Wars themed. Play along if you like. Have a good weekend y'all!

1) Are you a "Star Wars" fan? OH YEAH! I really like them. Especially 4, 5 and 6 and now 3! I watched it when I was younger. Will you be seeing the movie anytime soon (or if you already have, tell us what you thought of it). See above post:)!

2) Have you ever attended any "Star Wars" conventions or dressed up as
a "Star Wars" character? No I have not. But I think my brother in law has and I know one of Niel's friend's definitely has. If not, do you think that you ever would? I have actually always wanted to go to one of those conventions. I think it would be fun and interesting. I don't know if I would dress up though I think it pretty cool.
What do you think of the fans who stand in line for hours and hours to
get movie tickets? They just really love the movie.

3) Who is your favorite "Star Wars" character? Why? Which "Star Wars" movie is your favorite? You know I really like Anakin just because he is such a great character. I can't help it but I felt very bad for him. He really wanted to do the right thing but was so easily manipulated.

4) Do you own or collect any "Star Wars" merchandise or memorabilia? If so, what? Do you plan on buying any "Episode III" items? Yes my hubby has several. Niel used to have a lot more as a kid between him and his brother. He has cups, and a Yoda. We've begun to collect the Burger King Toys.

5) Are you on "the light side" or "the dark side"? :) definitely Light.

Song Stuck In My Head: "B.Y.O.B" by System of A Down


Jen14221 said...

Yo Ani,
I'm not a big fan of the Star Wars enterprises so please tell me which figures you need? I can't ID them by sight (except I think I can see that one is Princess Leia?). Tell us which ones you need by name. I may just ahve to take Baby Will to BK for lunch and we'll check out the selection

foodiechickie said...

I put orange dots next to the pics cause I didn't know if anyone was into the film. I really want are Wampa, Darth Vador and Boba Fet. Thanks very much!

Hannah said...

I will look out for them! :-)

foodiechickie said...


Rachel said...

cute figures!

foodiechickie said...


Yvett said...

I'm glad you liked the movie. I've been hearing a lot of good things about it, so I'm not really dreading it anymore. Except for the long lines. I read that there is a tv series in the works about the time between this last movie and the original. I'll be on the lookout for the figures.

foodiechickie said...

Hi Yvett! I hope you get a short line and enjoy the film. Thanks for your help!

Pooka said...

Actually, I've never gone to a Con dressed as a character. I was a Jedi for Halloween a few years ago, but it was Halloween!

I did wear a rebel alliance t-shirt to the movie...

foodiechickie said...

That's why I said "I think".