Friday, April 08, 2005

Gosh the weather has been really lovely these past few days. Makes me feel refreshed. I will totally be able to deal with the supposed rainy weekend to come. I think I have finally gotten used to this Spring forward time change. I still do not understand why we still participate in the whole thing.

I know it's already old news but I have to say somethings about The Pope and Terry Schiavo. I am sad that the Pope had to suffer in his final days. And it will be a bit odd to have a new one. I hope the new Pope will be as across the board with his views and lead the church to a better direction as Pope John Paul II did. The Terry Schiavo case was just a big mess. Both sides suffered and what did some bad politicians do, make it try to benefit themselves. Hope it bites them in the ass.

Will be away for work this weekend. Niel is coming along (yay) and then we are going to mom's for my birthday dinner. Will post about my birthday and weekend on Monday.

Time for the Friday Five. Play along if you like and have a good weekend!

1) Do you normally invest a lot in your appearance? Why/why not?
Would you say that you are pretty particular about your appearance,
don't care at all what you look like, or are somewhere in-between? Do
you spend a lot of time each day on how you look? I hope I hav good hygene. I am pretty low maintence though. I mean I do shower daily sometimes twice, deodrize, moisturize and wear perfume. I am constantly brushing my hair but I don't wear make up. I don't like the feeling of it. I will on some occasions wear it though.

2) If you could give someone else a day spa makeover (the full
treatment ~ hair, nails, clothes, makeup, etc.), who would you choose
and why? Do you ever watch makeover shows on TV (such as "A Makeover
Story" on TLC)? My mom. She needs a good day just to pamper herself. I have watched a makeover story. I like it better than What Not To Wear, which I find a bit mean.

3) Do you feel like you look your age, or do you feel older or
younger? Why? What's your current age (if you don't mind sharing!),
and what's the age that you *feel* like? I turned 30 yesterday as most know. I so do not feel my age. I feel somewhere between 18 to 21. I don't think I look like my age. I used to think thirty looked old but now I see plenty of people at 30 to 40 who do not.

4) What about your appearance would you most like to change? Why?
What do you feel are your best features? Would you ever undergo
plastic surgery? Well there is always more weight I would like to loose and plastic surgery if I was disfigured.

5) Which celebrities do you feel are the most beautiful, and why? Is
it just their outside appearance that is so striking or also their
inside (personality, mannerisms, etc.)? Well there are plenty of nice looking people but I like people that can make me laugh. Seeing them for what they can offer on the inside is ever lasting unlike looks.


Mike said...

I read something interesting about daylight savings yesterday. They are proposing extending it by about 2 months. It would start 2 weeks earlier, and we wouldn't "fall back" until mid November. I think the reason they do daylight savings has to do with agriculture and farming, but I'm not 100% sure about that. The reason they are looking to extend it now is because of the rising energy costs.

You guys have a safe trip! Where are you going?

foodiechickie said...

get the purpose of daylight savings time for people in agriculture but why me? I is city folk. We are going to Albany for seminars I was sent to. Thanks! Have a good weekend.

Yvett said...

The time change is really messing me up too. Last night I wasn't sleepy at all then this morning I just couldn't wake up. Ugh. I also heard that they want to extend this and I agree with you. Why me?!?!

foodiechickie said...

Down with time changing.

Hannah said...

I hope you had a wonderful b-day. I've seen picture of you-- you *so* do not look 30! :-)

penny seow said...

Yes, the weather is really nice. I love SPring! Hope you had a enjoyable birthday!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks Hannah and Penny! The weather was not so rainy.