Friday, April 01, 2005

Another great Friday Forum from Bathtub Junkie. Don't know how she does it all!

1) What's the best April Fool's Day prank that you've ever pulled on
someone? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve for this April Fool's
Day? Do you consider yourself a "jokester" who is always pulling
pranks on others and clowning around? I can't remember if I ever pulled an April Fool's Day Prank or any other one honestly. I clown around with Niel but that's about the extent of it. I like jokes but I don't like it when there is meanness in it.

2) Have you ever been the victim of an April Fool's Day prank? What
was it, and when did it happen? Did you take it lightheartedly, or
did you get really upset? Who tricked you? Sorry can't say that I have again. I've been given nice surprises but not pranks.

3) What's on your calendar for April? Any special dates/events to
celebrate and remember? Are you looking forward to anything in
particular this April? Oh my Gosh we are booked in April. This weekend we are celebrating my aunt in laws birthday, then my mom's, next weekend I am going away for work, then going to my mom's house for a birthday dinner for me(my mom and I were born the same month), then my a communion, then my grand father in laws birthday and then going to the Armenian Genocide commemorative in Times Square. I feel like I am forgetting something. It's jam packed.

4) The saying goes that "April showers bring May flowers." What's
your favorite type of spring flower (or flower in general)? Did you
plant any flower bulbs for springtime? Do you look forward to doing
some spring gardening? I like all kind of flowers, but potted. I kind of feel bad for cut flowers. Yeah I know it silly. I like tulips and sunflowers for looks. And roses and Hyacinth for smells. I try to grow herbs, unsuccessfully so far. When I have a garden one day I would like to try for flowers and veggies.

5) What's your weather usually like in April? Does it fully feel like
spring, or does spring sometimes take a while to arrive where you
live? What has your weather been like lately? Lately Spring has been taking a while to arrive but these first few days in April has been really nice.

I am sad to say I found out yesterday even though it was first reported Monday that Paul Hester drummer for Crowded House died. He had formed the group with Neil Finn. Crowded House is one of my favorite bands. I think I'll go listen to some of their music now.


Peruby said...

Happy Birthday! My daughter's is the same day as yours. That is how I found your blog, I believe.

My favorite flower is also the tulip. Simple, bold and vibrant. Not fancy, but beautiful in it's simplicity.

April is okay in Ohio, but too muddy.

I am pretty lousy at April Fools jokes. My girls can see right through me. Haven't had one played on me that I can recall.

Joke: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?


Here's to a beautiful April and a glorious spring!

foodiechickie said...

Thanks very much and funny joke!

davidjdowd said...

geeze, everone is dieing this week.

foodiechickie said...