Friday, March 25, 2005

My grandma is out of the hospital!! Woo hoo!!! She is at her home resting. Luckily she lives with my uncle, aunt and their three kids so she is not alone. That is a big relief for us in NYC. My aunt was the one who found her in distress last Sunday and called an ambulance. She saved her life. Anyway her doctor suggested to her that she not get too many visitors right away; so she asked me if I could come in the early Summer as I originally planned. And that she was sorry that I had to change my plans. I am so torn. I want to go now but if her doctor feels she is not strong enough for too much activity then I will wait till she is a bit stronger. I usually talk to her every week but now have been speaking to her every two days.

I don't know what is happening with Friday Forum now that Lisanne had her baby boy! (Congrats Again!!!!) We didn't really finalize who would be doing the Friday Forum for her and when. So here are pics of our Steak and Shake dining experience. I ordered a Chili Five Way. It's Chili on top of pasta with cheese and onions on top. Really good. I had heard about it on the blogs and was happy to have had a chance to try it. Niel ordered a Texas Patty Melt again. He enjoys them! Glad they are not difficult to make so we can make them at home. Have a happy holiday weekend all! Click on pics to enlarge.


Giao said...

Ani, I am glad to hear your grandmother's out of the hospital. I can understand why you're feeling torn. I hope she perks up a lot more soon and then you can just look forward to the visit in summer.

I LOVE steak n shake. Love it.

RYC, the duvet comes from KMart! Can you believe that?!

foodiechickie said...

Thank you Giao. I really appreciate that:)

I am glad you have a Steak N Shake by you!

Kmart! Ooooh cool!!! Thanks. Happy Easter! Peep Peep!