Friday, February 18, 2005

Happy it is Friday. Here is a really good recipe. I made it last night for dinner.

Time for the Friday Forum. A new one and an old one. Only one more old Friday Forum left.


I thought this old Friday Forum was a good one to use since next weekend is the Oscars.

1) As movie award season approaches, do you watch any awards shows (such as the Oscars or the Golden Globes)? Which part of the shows do you enjoy the most: I watch the Oscar's, MTV Music Awards and MTV movie Awards and Grammy's in its entirety.

2) Do you consider yourself a movie insider"? Any guesses as to who will win the Academy Awards this year? Any personal favorites? Yes I am a movie and celebrity buff. I like reading US, People and Instyle. It's fun way to unwind on the bus after work if I don't have something other to read. I think this year will be tough because most of the nominees are so good. I would be happy if anyone wins. I am not rooting for a particular actor, actress or movie.

3) Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King is up for 11 Academy Awards. What do you think about that? (Eleven Oscars also went to Titanic and Ben Hur - did you see those movies?) Have you seen all of the Best Picture-nominated films? Lord of the Rings was fantastic and I hope it does well. I did not see Titanic. I did see Ben Hur. Ben Hur was phenomenal.

4) Which actor/actress, in your opinion, should have earned an Oscar but so far hasn't? Denzel Washington for Malcolm X. Is there an actor/actress who *has* received an Oscar but you feel shouldn't have gotten it or wasn't deserving? Gwenyth Paltrow. I like her an all, but I don't think she should have received an Oscar.

5) If you could create your own movie award and give it to someone, who would it be and in what category? Hah. Don't get me started.

1] Has there ever been a moment in your life that you wish could have
LASTED forever? In other words, you would have frozen time at that
very second in order to live that moment for eternity? When did it
happen, and how did you feel? Anytime I am on vacation.

2] Have you ever finished in LAST place, whether during a race, a
contest, a competition, an exam, or something else? How did it make
you feel? When a situation like that occurs, do you usually maintain
a positive attitude or feel like you have completely failed? I don't recall entering any competitions but like anything its a learning process and will make me stronger.

3] Who's the LAST person you talked with on the phone? Customer. E-mailed? Customer.
Received an e-mail from? Customer. Hugged? Niel. Went out to lunch with? Ha ha. What is that? Thought about? The hubby! Made something for? Making a scarf for Niel. Made plans with? Niel. IMed? Nope.

4] When's the LAST time that you did something nice just for
yourself? I guess doing crafting counts? When I can get to it. I am pretty busy with the 9 to 5 job, and with my home. What was it? A scarf for Niel. Even though I am making things for others, I still have a nice time crafting. How do you usually treat/reward yourself? Haven't given it much thought. Do
you take time out of each day to do something for yourself? Not really. Do you
buy yourself a birthday gift or Christmas gift each year? No.

5] What do you think you'll be doing on the LAST day of this month
(February 28)? Working. If you could choose a month and have it LAST forever (in other words, it would be July all the time from now on), which
month would you choose and why? I guess November. It's my anniversary month and usually when we vacation.

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