Friday, December 03, 2004

I hate the taste of most medications. I always have. Blech. My parents have stories of me gagging on any medicine they would give me, while my brother happily gulped his. So I was pretty glad to see that Triaminic and Theraflu both offered strips you can put on your tongue that would instantly melt. Who wants to drink Theraflu or gulp down Triaminic when you can have medicine melt on your tongue? Not me! But Niel got sick first so I experimented on him. Niel is similiar to my brother in that sense, he is a good sick person. Takes his medicine like a "man"! However when I gave him the grape flavored Triaminic strip he SO did not like it. Poor Niel made gagging noises and said it tasted awful and the texture was grainy.

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The Christmas themed frames are up on my frame site. So shop away! I also tried my hand at some wreath making. You can purchase the wreath on my new wreath site.

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I heard on the news this morning about a neat organization who sends DVD's and popcorn to soldiers at war. I think its the least someone can do for what those men and women endure. Here is the link for how you can participate. The same news piece also spoke of this website for people who live in the New York tri-state area and would like to do some volunteer work for their communities.


niel said...

I thouht Ani loved me until she forced me to try this devil wafer! She kept using racial epitaphs ... "Come on you my Guinea pig"

You'll be hearing from my attorneys

foodiechickie said...


Yvett said...

YES! I just saw those medicine strips at the store today! I am SUCH A BABY when it comes to taking medicine. I still am. Last week it took me about half an hour, a cup of juice, and a begging boyfriend just to take a tablespoon of cough syrup. Ugh.

Mike said...

I never understood that. Women can give birth to a 9 pound baby, but they can't stomach some cough medicine. Given the choice of squeezing a watermelon out of my privates or taking a few teaspoons of Robitusin, I think the Robitusin would win out every time :-).

foodiechickie said...

Ah Yvett you feel my pain.

But Mike most women are doped up when delivering!! Although I am so not gonna look forward to that either. I am already worrying about it.