Monday, November 22, 2004

I am sad the weekend is over. It was relaxing even though I cleaned like a mad woman. I did get to see a few movies though. Having a clean apartment and catching up on movies are two things that relax me. I will have to say I will be happy when we get a place with a bit more closets or at least larger ones. No matter how much we try to sell on eBay or give to a homeless shelter it still does not help. Plus I think we will need something for later on so I keep it. We only have four small closets and to pack two people's clothing plus other belongings is pushing it. I am going to have to go through my magazines/books and only keep the articles and recipes that I need. That is my next project. Seeing some films and cleaning made missing Niel a bit easier since I concentrated on other things. He did manage to get back early Sunday morning so that was a nice surprise. We watched the political shows and went to play some tennis. There were these boys in the park who thought they were smoking marijuana but really were smoking Oregano. LOL. After tennis we did our grocery shopping for the week and thanksgiving since we are hosting it again. We happily found and brought a Turducken!!! I like trying new things for the most part.

The movies I saw were Bridget Jones Diary: The Edge of Reason. I enjoyed the first one better. I did find the film funny, but I didn't feel it was as developed as its predecessor. I also saw Amelie on cable. I LOVED it. It's a sweet and quirky movie. I would very much recommend it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ani, I am enjoying my goodies :)
I have had something similar to a turducken, it was chicken wrapped in pork and then bacon. Well, I guess pork and bacon are the same :), but we roasted it and sliced it and it was delicious! I think you have to cook a turducken a long time.
Amelie is almost my favourite movie of all time!!

foodiechickie said...

Is this Shelagh?

Glad you are liking the GIFTY package. What a neat way to meet new folks.

The place I ordered the Turducken from said we would cook it the same amount of time as a regular turkey. Can't wait.