Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Found this on Giao’s and Alexis’s blogs.

· First job: In a supermarket working on the register.
· First screen name: TapeNugget. I combined two names.
· First funeral: My uncle in law’s mother.
· First pet: Elmo the black kittie, my family got her when I was 18.
· First piercing: My ears when I was less than a year.
· First tattoo: Never had one.
· First credit card: As an idiot college student. Bad, bad mistake.
· First kiss: That is no one’s beeswax:)
· First enemy: Won’t even touch that one.

· Last car ride: Monday coming home from the Adirondacks.
· Last kiss: My hubby this morning on the way to work.
· Last movie watched: Shaun of the Dead. Funny stuff!
· Last beverage drank: Water!
· Last food consumed: An omelet.
· Last phone call: Clients.
· Last time showered: This morning.
· Last CD played: Whatever Niel had in the car driving back from upstate.
· Last website visited: My hubby’s.

· Single or taken: Happily married!!
· Gender: Female.
· Birthday: April 7.
· Sign: Aries all the way!
· Hair color: Brown-it changes from light to medium brown as the seasons
· Eye color: Dark brown.
· Shoe size: 8.5 to 9.
· Height: 5'4" .
· Wearing: Black pants and a sage green sweater and cute black shoes.
· Drinking: Oh how I wish this cold would go away.
· Listening to: The xerox machine.

Let me know if anyone will post this on their blog.

Does anyone know what happened to the Pretty Purse blog?


Anonymous said...

I demand to know who your enemies are?!



foodiechickie said...

Right now its my cold!!! Oh woe is me!

niel said...

Don't even get her started with the list of enemies and the clever littly tchiokies she woudl have bought them ... if they weren't her enemy.

foodiechickie said...