Monday, October 18, 2004

Ay another weekend that flew by too quickly. Niel and I woke up fairly early to go to our local park to practice/play some tennis.
It was nice time to go to the park that is up the block from our apartment, because the only other people that are around are walking their dogs, mothers with babies, senior citizens and Little League teams practicing. We got the hand ball court to ourselves. Phil the instructor of our tennis class advised that it was good to practice outside of the class.
Niel is a much better athlete than I am. He enjoys sports. It's not that I don't enjoy sports but my only athletic experience was the mandatory sports programs in school. But Niel was very encouraging as I kept hitting the tennis ball over the wall, onto the trees, onto the street (luckily not many people walking or driving) and over to the other side of the park.
Niel said I wasn't used to the different surface of the floor and I was holding my racket incorrectly. It's like I forgot everything I had learned in the two tennis lessons. I thankfully did get a bit better. I wouldn't say enough to play in Wimbledon or anything, but enough to play a decent game.
Besides playing tennis, we ran errands on Saturday, and came home to watch Star Wars. They really are incredible movies. Well 4, 5 and 6 are. It's odd for me to write that last sentence, because when I was younger they were the only Star Wars movies around. Although there is a lot more technology to make George Lucas(he created most of it) think he has created better films for 1 and 2. I still like 4 through 6 better. Partly that has to do with nostalgia and partly I think that there was a message to 4, 5 and 6(which I remember as one movie). I can't seem to find too much of a message with 1 and 2. I think its too focused more with what the film looks like than with a story.

One of the errands was checking out the Rag Shop craft store. I heard about it through Lady Gypsy's website. I think I remember going to one when Niel and I vacationed in Western New Jersey two years ago. This location is not as big as Michael's craft store, but they have a lot of neat things. I like finding new stores.

It was yet another why don't I have a camera on my cellphone moment on Saturday. One of the other errands ran was a trip to the bank. The guy standing at the teller's window next to me was a man of South West Asian desent who was dressed as Elvis. I wanted to laugh out loud. I have never seen an Elvis impersonator in a show let alone at the bank. He even had on fake sideburns. Yes fake sideburns. I had no idea fake sideburns existed. He had on a bejeweled white suit with bell bottom pants too.

Sunday we attended Jennifer and Renzo's daughters christening, well the church part of it. We unfortunately couldn't attend the reception because of a last minute in law obligation. The christening was lovely.

Niel and I were watching Meet the Press on Sunday morning and the guests were Inez Tanenbaum and James Demint who were running for Senator in South Carolina.
I had to walk out to the room because I was going to hurl something at our television. Every time James Demint opened his mouth I would yell at him. He said that he didn't think that Gays or single mothers should teach in schools. What? Is he associating Gays with pedophiles. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME THING STUPID!!!!!!!! And what is wrong with single mothers? Plenty of people have been raised by single and Gay parents and have been just fine. I really dislike people who are so small minded and do not want to learn more about the world then what is just around them. All they know are the four walls around the dark box they live in. And every time the host of the show, Tim Russert would ask a question this moron Demint would dodge the question. Grrrrrr. He attacked his running mate, which I understand happens, but he lied about what he was attacking her about. Demint said that Tanenbaum spent an exorbitant amount on travel and catering expenses. What he failed to say what that money was actually for. Tanenbaum paid for the catering and the travel for teachers conferences. That just made me angrier. Demint needs to take his head out of his ass and go learn something before he runs for anything.

I thought we lived in a free country. These people were arrested at a Bush rally for wearing T-Shirts the president did not like. I hope this article makes people think twice about who to vote for. I found it on Dave's blog.


Mike said...

southwest asian desent? Hrmmm does this mean that saying someone is middle eastern is no longer politically correct?

foodiechickie said...

No just another way of saying it. I didn't know where the man was from so I just said South West Asian because it was more general.