Friday, September 10, 2004

Still on my search to find dim sum we like I have two more places left to try.

Dim Sum Go Go

Jing Fong Restaurant

Of course it will have to be for a special occasion because the dishes don't fit into our new eating lifestyle. Waaaah!!!

Plus now that my beloved Bubble Tea gives me stomach aches(so can't have anymore) two places near my neighborhood have opened up Bubble Tea shops. Drats!!!!!

Also on my quest to find a good Pad Thai recipe, I saw an episode where Paula Deen(yes the Southern cook!) made some. I was quite impressed and am waiting for a special day to cook some. Maybe I can use some whole wheat noodles instead of rice noodles to cook them. Does that dishonor the recipe?

I think out of all the Food Network chefs she is my favorite. I do like Rachael Ray a lot too though, because she'll try anything and make the dish into a thirty minute meal, but Paul Deen dishes feel so comforting to me. Plus I like her personality. It's so warm, inviting and funny.

TheJoey show premiered last night. I liked it and never realized before how funny Joey is. I don't know if this is because the other characters are new to me and I haven't decided if I think they are funny or not. The writing was not bad, but Matt Leblanc definitely really knows the character of Joey. One would hope he would after 10 years on Friends. (sniff)

One of my new coworkers Anna( a second friend I know of that name) just called me to thank me for the chicken recipe I got from Goldeelox's site. She said she enjoyed it too. It was nice to get a thank you call.


niel said...

Rachel Ray is my favorite, because just as maxim proclaimed she is the food networks "sweetest dish"!

foodiechickie said...

I know she replaced Jeanen Garafalo and Nicole Kidman for you:) I can't spell.

Lisa said...

I Love Paula Deen!

foodiechickie said...

She rocks!

Mike said...

You didn't find the Joey show to be a little too predictable? I thought it was ok. Joey is good, but the supporting characters aren't as strong. Don't know if Matt LeBlanc can carry a show by himself. I guess we'll see.

foodiechickie said...

I think I was more expecting this kind of first episode where he settles in. I did wonder when the rest of the Friends cast would walk in though. Enterainment Weekly said that the writing was not that strong and maybe we are just not used to the other characters?

Rachel said...

Grand Harmony in Manhattan (98 Mott Street, 212-226-2603) is awesome & cheap

foodiechickie said...