Friday, July 23, 2004

It is raining very, very hard in the city right now. I have not seen rain this bad since Niel and I were in Orlando in April. I got stuck in it because I ended up having five appointments this week. My umbrella helped a little bit.

I must say I am absolutely addicted to the Sopranos. For so long I resisted watching it because I had a different idea as to what the show would be about. Boy was I wrong. Niel explaining the episodes to me helped. I still run out of the room when I think someone will get "wacked" but for the most part that does not happen in every episode. So thanks Niel.

Via Pretty Purse Via Giao's blog
last cigarette: A very long time.
last alcoholic drink: Too long ago to remember.
last car ride: Last week sometime?
last kiss: This morning from Niel.
last good cry: Can't remember.
last library book: Can't recall.
last book bought: Little Women.
last book read: Gypsy Masala.
last movie seen in theatres: Spiderman.
last movie rented: Club Dread.
last cuss word uttered: Crap! Does that count?
last beverage drank: Water
last food consumed: Sushi!!!
last crush: My hubby:)
last phone call: To my Mom last Sunday
last tv show watched: Sopranos!
last time showered: This morning and was caught in a shower this mornig.
last shoes worn: blrown sandles
last cd played: Haven't heard much in a while
last item bought: Does food count?
last download: I don't.
last annoyance: Too many to bore people with.
last disappointment: Too many to bore people with.
last soda drank: Not for a while.
last thing written: It's raining!
last key used: !
last words spoken: It's raining!
last sleep: What is that?
last ice cream eaten: Last Sunday I had vanilla ice cream with the bluebarry/peach pie.
last chair sat in: I'm still sitting in it. Work chair.
last webpage visited: Michele's site

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