Monday, June 21, 2004

The weekend was a good one. Saturday my husband, mother-in-law and I saw the Olympic torch pass by my neighborhood. It was a incredible moment. The street was lined with people. There was tons of security by foot, car and air. Niel took pictures. I have to post those soon along with some other pics. Then the three of us ate at a new restaurant also in the neighborhood. The food was good, inexpensive and the service was prompt. Then we dropped my mother-in-law off at work and went to see Dodgeball. It is a very funny movie. I recommend it!

We then came home and caught Zoolander on TV. Back to back Stiller. Zoolander another funny flick.

Sunday was Father's Day and we took my dad to a Mets game. He is quite a huge sports fan and surprisingly has never been to any type of game. We all had fun and the Mets won so it was a successful outing.

A few hours after that I saw Paula Deen's wedding on the Food Network. She is one of my favorite cooks. I find her recipes tasty(all that butter) and her show entertaining. Her laugh is infectious.

Over the weekend I experimented with making Panini's. Both of the recipes I used turned out well. The first sandwich was a Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Panini on Italian bread. I got the recipe from Jennifer. The second Panini had goat cheese, roasted red pepper with rosemary olive oil on French Bread. I put a little Prosciutto on Niel's Panini. I mixed all the ingredients together and grilled them. I pressed down my teakettle on the sandwiches until the cheeses melted a bit and until they had grill marks on them. I recommend both.

Happy 1st Day of Summer! Although with this warm and sunny weather, it has felt like Summer for a little while now.


Jesser said...

Paninis are Matt's favorite. We use the George Foreman to make them, which works really well. I like apples and cheese in mine ... I'm a big fan of that combo anyhow.

foodiechickie said...

The George Forman. Good idea. Never thought of that. Thanks! I like my cheese with grapes sometimes, but of course not grilled.:)

Anonymous said...


It's so cool that you got to see the passing of the torch!!!


foodiechickie said...