Tuesday, June 01, 2004

It was a busy and fun holiday weekend. Makes coming back to reality difficult.

On Saturday Niel and I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather by flying a kite. The camera wasn't working too well the first twenty minutes so I couldn't get pictures of Niel assembling the kite or how high the kite was flying or when it got stuck in a tree. Apparently our little digital does not like name brand batteries. It goes through name brands really fast but works better with Ikea batteries. We did manage to get some pictures up.

Kiting Posted by Hello

I also fixed all the pictures that were upside down, dark, and that had thumbs in them. And I do have more space then I thought on Yahoo photos. Apparently last time I just saved the photos I wanted to order. So I put the order through. If the photos look good then I will order more from Yahoo. I also put a few more pics of the gardening Niel and I did at his mom's. The added pics are of Ripley, Iris's and an Angel statue.

After lunch we decide to go see Shrek 2. I was so looking forward to see this movie, since I enjoyed the first one..We didn't like it. The first 45 minutes were really very slow. The last 45 minutes were better, but all in all the film did not need to be made. It felt like the same themes as in the original were just repeated.

Sunday Niel helped Kelvin move Rachael so their move to Maryland could be final. I puttered around the apartment for a bit. Then I walked up Grand Avenue to catch a bus to see Raising Helen and caught the Memorial Day Parade in my neighborhood on the way. There were soldiers, sailors, marines past and present marching. There were POW's, nurses, boy scouts, students, of every back ground marching as well, as bystanders waved flags and cheered. Very moving.

I found the film to be sweet. Sort of an improved Jersey Girl.

We made semi home made pizza for dinner. I used store brought dough, one 14 ounce can of chunky tomato sauce that already had Italian seasonings in it. But I added some garlic powder, onion powder, dried rosemary and dried oregano. Grated mozzarella on top and put turkey pepperoni and baked it in the oven at 350 for 45 minutes and we enjoyed it with a salad while viewing Kangaroo Jack. It was some what entertaining. Then we caught the George Lopez special Why Are You Crying? on Showtime. Man is he a funny comedian! I love his stories about his family. I think he and Ellen DeGeneras are my favorite comedians.

Niel rolling the dough. Posted by Hello

Sunday we saw Saved. It is only playing in three theaters in NYC. We were able to catch the one on Times Square. My my what a touristy place those few blocks are. The movie was very good. The characters again a bit predictable, but the best movie I saw all weekend. I mean I know what I am in for usually when I go see a movie, but very few leave me with the feeling of wow that surprised me or that was smart. Saved definitely did this. I highly recommend it. Personally I think everyone should be like Patrick Fugit's character.


Jesser said...

Well I'll have to go see Saved. I thought it looked cute and I ♥ Patrick Fugit. I watch Almost famous at least every 3 weeks. I wonder if it'll get here. We usually have at least decent access to arthouse flix.

foodiechickie said...

Hope you like it!

Mike said...

Wow, Niel with that rolling pin looks like a bad ass Chef Boyardee ;-). If that dough isn't flakey enough, I'll crack you in the knee with this rolling pin!!!

foodiechickie said...


davidjdowd said...

holy crist niel has gone rolling pin crazy!!

foodiechickie said...

:) He sure did.