Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I have a knitting disaster. I am using round needles and attached the ends of the project I am working on. I thought I would fix it by cutting it. Nope. I made it much worse. I hope my coworker can find the time to help me. I hate to bug her yet again. Why do I bite off more than I can chew?

The Fourth of July is not till Sunday but our neighborhood or at least the kids in our neighborhood have already begun with the fireworks. For the past two or three weeks we have been hearing various sounds of small firecrackers to large sounding explosions. It's a bit unnerving.

I accidentally used my body wash for shampoo. Luckily I noticed and shampooed my hair.

I had Wonderbread for the first time last night. Niel bought it knowing I never tried it. Thank you hon. My mother used to make bread when my brother and I were younger and if she did not we used to buy the store brand, because it was less costly. It didn't taste too different than the store bread.

My brother did a little bit of bbqing on Sunday. He sure makes tasty bbq. He puts on a dry rub and then marinates it with a wet one while the meat is grilling. My dad uses some Spanish spices to marinate in then he grills.

Has anyone in the New York area heard of a Garbage Pie? I have lived in New York for 24 years and only yesterday have heard that a pizza with everything is a Garbage Pie? Eww.

Niel spotted a lightning bug last night. I love them.


Rachel said...

shampoo and body wash are almost the same thing. philosphy has 3 in one: shampoo, conditioner and bodywash all in one bottle!

foodiechickie said...

Well what do you know!

Leslie said...

Good luck w/ the knitting! The round needles are so intriguing to me...they're still in the package at my house! ;)

foodiechickie said...

Thanks! I was taught after finishing a row you have to turn the needles around as not to join the project in one. I forget sometimes when I put the needle down and come back to it.

davidjdowd said...

I have never ever heard it being called a garbage pie and my family has lived in new york for five generations. that sounds like a long island thing. no matter what they tell you they are not really New Yorkers and their pizza isnt as good.

also last week I was over your mother inlaws with mike. we where in the yard and there where a lot of lightning bug. I mean TONS. they must have just hatched or undergo metamorphosis something.

foodiechickie said...

Thanks. I felt stupid for not knowing what a Garbage Pie was. Blech.

Really more lightning bugs. Cool.

And you shmo how come you didn't tell anyone that tomorrow was moving day!!! Niel & I will come over after work maybe get some food & drinks.

davidjdowd said...

Thursday is moving day not tomorrow. I'll be around all day tomorrow.

foodiechickie said...

We didn't realize it would be end of June. Anyway we'll be over.

Giao said...

"Garbage" is definitely an unappetizing word for food that is so good! Our favorite fried rice is called Junk Fried Rice, and hubby makes "Garbage Pasta," which once originated with him throwing whatever we had in the freezer/fridge pantry into a pot of angel hair (it's now settled on frozen peas, pan-fried prosciutto or pepperoni, pine nuts, garlic bits, and olive oil and butter--so quick, so yum!).

I once slathered a bunch of conditioner on after a shower thinking it was lotion. Sticky. Had to reshower.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ani,
I got your paypal $$ today - thanks! I just have forgotten which earrings you wanted? Was it the red wine ones? Let me know and I'll post them to you straight away! Thanks,

foodiechickie said...

Giao: Interesting the names people have for things.

The recipe you made up sounds good though!

Haha funny story on the conditioner!

Jennifer: I will email you.