Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Here are some pictures of dishes I cooked the past few days. The first dish I completely ruined. I just ended up eating the shrimp out of it and throwing the rest away. What a waste. Thankfully the next two dishes were excellent!!!

Pad Thai Posted by Hello

Individual Pizzas Posted by Hello

Shepard's Pie Posted by Hello

Yesterday Elaine and I took out Isabelle to lunch. She is one of the coworkers leaving. :( We went ate at a fabulous Italian place on 44th Street and 9th Avenue called 44SW Ristorante & Lounge. I ordered Penne with eggplanet baked with mozzerella. And we all shared an appetizer of Mozzeralla with basil, roasted peppers. Mmmm. The ambiance was very appealing as well, with a sponge painting technique, bay windows, and beaded lamps. It is a must if you are in that area of NYC!

I took a this Harry Potter Quiz and got 11 out of 12 correct. I flubbed on number 10. See what you get!


Mike said...

I got 10-12. Not bad for someone who fell asleep during the 1st Harry and never saw the next 2. I got #10 wrong and #12 wrong. I didnt know the name of the pub where Hagrid won the egg,

foodiechickie said...


Leslie said...

I'm a sucker for pizza...no doubt about that!
I'm curious, though, what's in Shepard's Pie? Looks yummy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your first dish Ani. I hate it when that happens!!! I love shepherds pie in the Winter. It's one of my comfort foods! Mmmmmm.


niel said...

Despite thinking that the Harry Potter ibooks are no better than Tom Clancy/John Grisham airport news stand reaidng I got a 10/12 on the quiz. I missed the last two the bar and what did dudley have cut off

foodiechickie said...

Leslie-I was trying to find an online recipe version of the Shepard's pie to post. I got the recipe from one of the supermarket magazines. How I made it was I used one package of ground turkey(ground turkey breast is even healther) and let it cook till brown(almost ten minutes). I chopped a medium onion to the turkey and let it cook till transculents(five minutes). Gave it some thyme, salt and pepper.(for your own taste). Then I added a 2 handfuls of frozen veggies(carrots, string beans, corn, lima beans)and one can of condensed cream of celery and cook for three to five minutes longer. I added it to a 9" pie plate that had a defrosted pie crust on the bottom(you don't really have to if you don't want to), and for the topping was three potatoes mashed with butter and milk(I put it a bit at a time to get a good texture)and cook for 40 minutes in a 375 oven.

Michelle-Thanks for sympathy. I really wanted some Shepard's Pie now.

Niel-Thanks for taking the test sweets!

Anonymous said...

12/12 for me - but I was also a bit shakey on #12. Wanted to select the Leaky Cauldron, but I remembered in the nick of time! I haven't seen Prisoner of Azakaban yet, but it's my favourite book. I'm not sure that I mind that it's not Richard Harris anymore - I always kind of averted my eyes when he was on screen because I have issues with men who wear that much make-up LOL!

Anonymous said...

That last one was me!

~ Laura

foodiechickie said...

Laura you will enjoy Harry Potter 3!

Leslie said...

Thanks so much Ani!
I'm going to cut and paste the info when I get home. I'm quite excited as it has ground turkey (I don't eat too much red meat!). Sounds perfect and yummy. ;)
Leslie, aka rubber-sol

Anonymous said...

You are welcome! It is a British Dish. I will try to find a better link to it.
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