Thursday, June 17, 2004

Billy Cosby is making yet another series. This one will be animated and is called Fatherhood. I am very curious to see the show. I really loved The Cosby Show, so I was happy to see another Cosby idea coming into fruition. The actress that gives the voice to the mother is Sabrina LeBeuf whom some may remember as Sandra Huxtable, the eldest Huxtable daughter and child.

Saw the first show of season three of Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Funny stuff. Jessica's younger sister Ashlee(yes she spells her name with 2 e's) also has her own show , also on MTV, about trying to become a singer and her life in general. Much hyper than Jessica and Ashlee's music I guess would be catagorized as more rock. Sister's are very in now in Hollywood. Heh.

Reno 911 is also back. I try very hard not to pee in my pants when I watch this show.

Monday was Flag day. I totally missed the ball on that one.


Mike said...

Yeah I heard about the new animated Cosby show. Should be neat. I'm looking forward to it too. Although the last show he did on CBS was pretty awful. So hopefully the cartoon is a little better.

Jesser said...

I think I'll run over to Hollywood and pitch 'em a show about me and my sis. It'll be like MST3K and we can sit on a couch and make snarky comments about TV/Movies and worship Quentin Tarentino. How fun!

foodiechickie said...

Cosby also had another series on CBS it was also animated called Little Bill. It was for little children. I think this will be his third(Fat Albert, Little Bill and now Fatherhood).

Go for it Jess!

curlygirl said...

It will probably be a good show,(almost)everything Bill Cosby does is good.
I'm so mad that I missed the Newlyweds, I didn't even know there was a third season starting. I did catch part of Ashlee's show, she is so different than Jessica. I like them both.

foodiechickie said...

I think they will rerun the show sometime this weekend and absolutely Wednesday night before the 2nd episode. I think at 9:30. Yes they are very different.