Monday, May 17, 2004

This past weekend was a very good food weekend. I didn't bring lunch with me on Friday and I decided to try a Thai place by my office. I noticed the name of the restaurant Yumm and finally decided to cross the street and look at the menu. It looked good and my coworker recommended it. I ordered Thai Fried rice which tastes to me a lot better than regular Chinese Fried rice, (which I still enjoy) and steamed seafood dumplings in chili sauce. I couldn't finish all the rice and brought the rest to Niel to try and he liked it also.

Friday night I made Tandoori chicken. It was sooooo easy and scrumptious! I used my indoor grill to cook the meat. We had it with a side of Basmati rice. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Saturday for lunch we decided to try a different type of fast food place, Arby's! After sitting in traffic for about 20 minutes to go to the one a bit farther from us (the closer one closed down) we finally arrived. They don't really have hamburgers there. They have sandwiches, wraps and salads. Of course it is not entirely healthy, because the side items are curly fries(I LOVE CURLY FRIES), and soda. I don't mind the soda either since we don't have soda at home. We only buy it for guests as an option besides water. I ordered a chicken club sandwich and Niel ordered a roast beef and cheese with ice tea. Both were very tasty. I think we will go back. I enjoy trying different places to eat so.

Saturday evening we went to Sea an AWESOME Thai place in Williamsburg. We accidentally stumbled upon it a few months back, but only got around to going Saturday night. We thought there was a big wait since of there was a group of people outside, but nope we were immediately seated. The service was pretty good, but the atmosphere and food were amazing. They have an indoor pond with a gold statue in the middle of it and a gorgeous picture of pink flower behind it. The place is dark and lit with candles. But not too dark that you could fall down. Well I guess one could fall down. I ordered crab and shrimp dumplings and shrimp pad Thai. Niel ordered frog legs(the brave devil....ok I begged him) and volcanic chicken for his main course. The food came out fast. Niel's main dish was on fire for effect. The food was so flavorful!! The frog legs really taste like chicken. Niel made them dance for me. I wish I could have taken pictures, but it was too dark in there. That area is beginning to look like the village a bit.

Sunday I tried cornedbeef hash for the first time. I really did not like it. I think I will just buy it for Niel though who really likes it.

I was able to write this weekend and it felt really good. I wrote both days. Saturday morning Niel was at a scout function and I kicked myself in the butt to go and write while I was alone in the apartment. Afterwards I got a hair cut.

Sunday we were supposed to go to a street fair with Niel's mom in Middle Village but we got the day wrong. So we decided to take his mom to Home Depot so she could purchase some flowers and grass for her garden. We then had lunch at Sizzler. We hadn't been there in ages. I love their corn fritters. Then we went back to her place where Niel and I got our hands dirty and planted some flowers and seeds. I will post pictures tomorrow. We were both so tired (still are) from gardening that we just lay on our couches the rest of the day.

Although I am sad that Latoya was eliminated from American Idol. She was my pick to win. I am not too disappointed to badly, because American Idol is really a stepping stone for people and a talent like her will be picked up by a record company.


Jesser said...

I should really try some other Thai dishes, but I so rarely get Thai these days (Madison, WI is not exactly good food capital) that I always get Pad Thai (and Thai iced tea). I would LUV to live in NYC. Which indoor grill do you have? Matt and I saw a neat looking one at Williams Sonoma, but it was real $$ and we're prolly going to move into a house pretty soon, so we'll save our $$ for a real grill.

foodiechickie said...

I loove Pad Thai also. But you guys have good cheese over there. MMMMMM my favorite.
We purchased the Nathan's indoor grill. It is a good grill.