Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Here are the photos from the gardening Niel and I did on Sunday.

A few weekends ago Niel and I were out on Long Island finishing up errands and it was around 6 and we got the munchies. We were trying to decide where to eat. I though of Quiznos since I never ate. Niel drove to a store he knew of. The sandwiches are quite good. Inside they have some neat posters. I really liked their cheese poster. I wish I could find one to hang in the kitchen.

I felt so happy to be able to write a few more paragraphs for the books I am working on, this past weekend. It was a wonderful feeling. Sometimes though I worry when things are too perfect. Julianne Moore described it best in a recent InStyle article:"I feel nothing but a tremendous sense of gratitude, like, every second," Moore says. "it's almost unbearable how lucky I feel. I literally think every day that it's not possible that I could be happier than I am now, and then I'm happier the next day. So of course I'm terrified. When you are happy and connected to people in your life, you live in a constant state of terror, because you think anything can go wrong at any minute. But that's part of the pact. In order to really be with somebody and have a family, you have to surrender to fear. There's a lot of stuff you have to abandon yourself to, to really fully enjoy. "

Wasn't Gilmore Girls a bit of a shocker last night. I am going to miss that little town for the Summer. I am happy it will return in the Fall, unlike Friends(wah!). When writing is that good on TV I can get attached to the lives of the characters. I know the Joey show will premier this Fall as well, but from the previews I have seen of it, I feel strange not seeing Joey surrounded by the other Friends. I have heard the rest of the cast of Friends does not plan on making any appearances. Hopefully they are just saying that so when they do it will be a nice surprise. I can dream can't I?

The meanest show in America.

Dinner last night was a very tasty Cheesy Biscuit Lasagna. I used ground sausage instead of beef. I think I might start using the lowfat cottage cheese(which I love alone) instead of Ricotta. I could not taste the difference. Mmmmm!


curlygirl said...

I love Gilmore Girls but I didn't watch last night's episode yet. I taped it and plan on watching it tonight. I also agree that WB superstar is the meanest show in America. I watched last night for the first time (I think I missed one other show) But you have to admit it's funny. You just feel bad for them because they really think they're good.

foodiechickie said...

Glad I didn't give anything away for you from Gilmore Girls!

I just don't like the idea of a show deliberately setting up defenseless (abet talentless people) just to make fun of them. It is mean spirited, and yes I also missed a previous episode.

Anonymous said...

My fave at Quizno's is the tuna melt - my parents never served tuna when I was growing up, so tuna salad is a treat for the now-adult me :) I've found that yumminess varies by franchise, though - I have a few fave stores for sandwiches!

~ Laura

foodiechickie said...

Really I had no idea that the type of sandwhich varies by franchise. Now I'm going to have to try them all!! I've eaten tuna fish but never tuna melts. I have to try it. Oh put the link to your site on the comments, although I have you linked to my wanderings page.

Anonymous said...

I loved last night's episode of Gilmore Girls! I taped it, so today at lunch I rushed home to watch it... couldn't take the suspense of waiting until my workday ended to watch the episode. Oh my... I can't wait for the fall season to start so I can see what will happen next in Stars Hollow.

little things said...

Oops, Ani. That last post about Gimore Girls was from me. I forgot to uncheck the posting as "anonymous." Hee hee hee!

foodiechickie said...

Me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!