Monday, May 03, 2004

Back from Disney and it was fabulous. The trip passed by way too fast. I wish I could bring Mickey, Turkey Legs, Splash Mountain and all the other cool things back with me. The only way I have proof that it was not a dream are the pics we took, which will be up soon. When we were there it felt as if we never left three years ago, but when now that we’re home its as if we never were actually in Disney. Know the feeling? Anyway I mentioned plenty of times that my favorite vacation spot when I was a kid was Lake George (partly because that is the only place my family vacationed), but as an adult my favorite place is definitely Walt Disney World. Sure, I’ve been to plenty of nice cities, but Disney World is someplace I can always go back to and never be tired of.

We stayed at the Pop Century, which was being built when we were at Disney last. It is a themed hotel (of course) based on the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was neat to see what images from each era the hotel used to decorate the buildings. The 50’s had bowling pins and records, the sixties had flowers (flower power), the 70’s had Rubic’s cubes, the 80’s had computers, and the 90’s had cell phones. Inside the lobby there were various shadow boxes with more memorabilia. We enjoyed looking at the 80’s shadow boxes, with the various toys and TV shows we enjoyed during that time such as Thunder Cats, My Little Pony, He-Man and Rainbowbrite to name a few. Everything was colorful and clean and wonderful.

We arrived Wednesday night, I felt all my worries gone as soon as I landed in Orlando, checked in and grabbed dinner at the hotel dining area. Watched some TV and fell asleep. We had every intention of going to Pleasure Island and swimming in one of the three hotel pools, but never did. We were just too darn tired after walking so much and it rained a bit.

The first day was spent in The Magic Kingdom and we pretty much rode all the rides and had dinner at a wonderful sandwhich shop in the Market Place area of downtown Disney called The Earl of Sandwhich. It must have been new because we don’t remember seeing it previously.

The second day we went to Epcott and rode all our favorite rides such as Test Track and walked around the World Pavilion and grazed at the various restaurants there. My favorite attraction at the World Pavilion is the movie about Canada. The film must be about 20 years old, but it is so well done. We were surprised and happy to see the building and landscape used was from Northern Canada in the city of Victoria in British Columbia for the Canada attraction, since we were there this past November. Niel’s favorite ride in the World Pavilion is in Norway where the ride takes you through what is supposed to be Norway. We then made reservations to go to a wonderful Italian restaurant Alfredo’s in the Italy part of the World Pavilion and enjoyed a truly flavorful and fresh dinner of calamari and egg noodles in Alfredo sauce. After dinner we wanted to go to Pleasure Island, but there was a terrible rainstorm with lightning and thunder. The water was up to our ankles, so we just walked barefoot back to the bus stop and headed back to the hotel and did laundry.

Saturday was spent at MGM and then at Magic Kingdom where we rerode the Pirates of The Caribbean Ride, Splash Mountain, The Haunted Mansion, The Racetrack and I forget what else.

We had a fabulous relaxing (not restful…all the walking) and fun time and I don’t remember if I mentioned everything I want to. I would recommend the hotel and our airline flying there was Song (owned by Delta). All the seats had personal TVs and you can pay for movies or watch TV for free or even play a music trivia game. We were competing with our fellow travelers when playing the trivia game. I am already thinking about our next vacation. Don’t know where yet, but I hope soon. Work has been nutty trying to catch up and I am soooo stressed out already.

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