Thursday, April 08, 2004

My birthday was a really good day yesterday. I wasn't really freaking out about turning 29. I woke up and Niel gave me my bday presents. One of them was a neat joystick from the makers of Pacman and Digdug and inside the joystick were the games. Pacman and Digdug and Galaxian are my favorite games. So all I had to do was plug in the vcr and turn it to the proper channel to play. It was a lot of fun.
I putzed around the house a bit and then went to see Jersey Girl. I stopped by the bank to take out money for the movie and dinner with Niel. The teller noticed it was my birthday and wished me well. She also commented how I did not look my age. It was nice to hear. I enjoyed the movie. I even cried a bit. I was entertained and not overly mushed out.
Then I went to meet Niel in Manhattan. We walked around a bit. I took some pictures. We then ate at Eight Mile Creek. A pricey Australian place. We just ordered some appetizers. We tried Emu and Kangaroo. The Emu was ok, but the Kangaroo was awesome. It is like eating the best steak in the world. I did feel bad about it.
We then went to Rice To Riches. A cool futuristic looking rice pudding dive. It was cool to be in there and the rice pudding was tasty. Niel took some pics of the place. I had vanilla and Niel had mango. All in all a good day.
It is the beginning of Mets season in our home. Which means there is the occasional yelling from Niel at the television. Niel was so sad last night. The Mets lost:(

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