Tuesday, April 27, 2004

I decided to venture out and find Papa John's for lunch yesterday. M-Unit mentioned a few posts ago that he thought there was one of 8th and 47th. There isn't. I walked up and down a few blocks to make sure, but there is no Papa John's in my area of Manhattan. So I just got a regular New York stuffed pizza and a McD's California Cobb salad(so tasty).

I forgot to mention that before I arrived to see 13 Going on 30 I got into a little confirmation with a preteen boy(yes yes not shocking that I would show my dislike for certain asinine behavior) on the bus. I was standing in the back of the bus minding my own business waiting for my stop when I began to eavesdrop(yes my first problem in this story) on a conversation between these four heavyset boys. Three of the four were teasing on the fourth member. The ring leader of the three was getting angry at the fourth boy for not retaliating enough. I was beginning to fume. The ring leader was drinking some orange carbonated beverage, not good for you hello!! The other two did not seem to care that their "teased friend" was not saying anything back to them, but the ringleader did. Then they changed the subject(I forget how) and started talking about women's nether regions. I know I should have left it alone, but I just blasted into the ring leader. I started yelling something to the effect of "Why are you picking on your friend! If he is your friend you shouldn't be mean to him. And how dare you call him fat, you're fat too and soda is not good for you, since you are fat! And how dare you talk about any women's vagina! Do you think anyone will sleep with you with your bad attitude. You shouldn't be sleeping with anyone at your age anyway!"All the response he had was "Go to bed". What does that mean? It angered me that he was picking on his friend. I was never a teenage boy so I don't know if this is acceptable behavior, but why does it have to be accepted? I was the subject of teasing in grammar school, because I was the "quiet foreign kid" so I am particularly sensitive to any kind of bad talk. I wasn't always vocal and do not always show my disdain, but after a while that part of my personality came out. If I think someone is a complete jerk they'll know it one way or another. And how is it a joke if not everyone is laughing?
Now for a completely other part of my personality that few really see or know about. I came across this post on another bloggers site. I think the first half described me and I really do not do it everyday. And this is why I don't share things like this more often.

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