Monday, March 22, 2004

The weekend was a good one. A bit chilly but cold. For pete's sake there have been Peep's for weeks now on the shelves of various drug stores screaming "Spring is here, eat us!" but it sure don't feel like Spring.:(
Niel and I walked Ripley on Saturday morning then headed out to IHOP. We first attempted the IHOP in Douglaston. That one was suuuuuuuper crowded. So we were just going to head out to Long Island to see Eternal Sunshine (Yes I am officially shortening the name). However the way were driving we saw another IHOP we never saw before in Manhassat. That one was not crowded. So we suffed our faces with omelets(Bacon and Cheddar) and pancakes(blueberry syrup please) and then looked around the Barnes and Noble next door and then went to see the movie at the Broadway Mall. The movie rocked. It was sooooo well done. It is by far my favorite Charlie Kaufman film. It was so beautiful and trippy. I can't stop saying good things about it. Everyone must go out and see it!!!!! We then walked around the mall a little bit and then drove to Kelvin's 28th bday party. It was nice being there for Kelvin's bday. His new place in MD sounds nice and Rachel did a good job with being a hostess. Niel had a good time seeing some of his old buddies again. We laughed, ate and discussed various subjects. Then we went home and fell asleep watching SNL. It was a good Saturday.
Sunday we gorged ourselves some more at my parents for dinner. Damn my mama can cook.

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