Sunday, March 07, 2004

Niel and I went to see Starsky & Hutch this past Saturday. The movie was really funny. It was however an exaggeration of the show. Huggy Bear was never that cool on the show.
We also tried Chef Boyardee's Deep Dish Cheeseburger Macaroni. Pretty much canned pasta pizza. It wasn't too bad.
American Idol has these commercials asking who will be next Clay Aiken? They are implying who will be the next winner? Hello Clay Aiken did NOT win American Idol yet he is all over the place? What about Ruben?
There will be a new TV show called Wonder Falls. Do people really miss Ally McBeal that much that almost all the shows now have people daydreaming?
I am happy that Mindy Cohn has a job again.
I heard over the weekend that there might be some type of legislation passed by the FCC on what we watch because of Janet exposing her boob. Why are we still talking about this people? It was a boob. It will not harm you. We are treading on dangerous waters. We say it is wrong for Muslim nations to suppress their people and cover up their women, but aren't we beginning to do the same thing? And no one thinks this is wrong? A boob is wrong but possible new leglislation led by the FCC to ban what we want to watch is ok?
Apparently McDonald's will no longer offer Supersized fries or soda. Hey isn't it my decision if I want to become a fatty? I blame all those idiots who sued McDonald's because they gained weight. Did Ronald McDonald come to all of your houses and put a gun to your heads and say you have to eat at our establishment three times a day? Did he? Don't you yahoo's know that you are giving up your rights with these trivial lawsuits and costing tax payer money. It is your fault you wanted that sweet Apple Pie at 1 Am and it is your fault you wanted those salty delicious fries. Now I am going to have to pay another two dollars instead of just thiry cents if I want more freaking fries. Thanks a lot!!!

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